Falcons’ QB Kurt Benkert: More Than Just a Football Player

Kurt Benkert

getty Ex-Falcons QB Kurt Benkert.

Atlanta Falcons’ quarterback Kurt Benkert has a hidden talent, well not so hidden anymore after winning Best Fortnite Player in the NFL Players Association Open in January.

In his free time, Benkert focuses on his esports career and has become quite successful with it. He often live streams while playing games like Fortnite and Call of Duty on his Twitch channel. Live streaming gives fans the chance to watch him play and chat with him about anything.

Benkert recently spoke with The Falcoholic’s

“I really pride myself on talking to the people that watch and interacting in general,” Benkert said. “I started streaming to be able to bridge the gap between football and video games and to show that us athletes have passions off the field as well. It makes us more relatable and I think you’ll find that by watching me.”

Birchfield even admitted that he had watched some live streams and found them quite intriguing though he’s not a gamer.

From Toe Injury to Esports Winner

During the 2019 season, Benkert suffered a toe injury. While recovering he spent most of his time live streaming popular video games on his Twitch account.

Benkert attended the Fortnite Streamer Bowl charity event that took place right before Super Bowl LIV in Miami. Sixteen top-notch gamers were paired with sixteen top-notch football players. Steeler’s Juju Smith who is also a solid gamer participated in the event along with Browns QB Baker Mayfield. All competed for up to a $500,000 handout that would go towards the winner’s charities of their choice.

Benkert represented the Falcons and was partnered with one of the top Fortnite players in the world, Aydan. The duo finished in 3rd place our of 16 with $60,000 to go towards the charity of their choice.

“The coolest part was playing with someone who is one of the best in his industry,” Benkert told The Falcoholic. “He has made a lot of money from managing high stakes and high-stress situations, which is similar to football, just in a different outlet. So, having him kinda coach me through what’s the best way to get the job done was awesome.”

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2020 Season Goals

Benkert played well through the 2019 offseason into the preseason and would have done well at backup behind Matt Ryan. However, his toe injury put him on the injured reserve list.

Benkert confirmed to The Falcoholic that he feels “super healthy.”

“It was a long tough process, but I was able to get through it and be better for it, so that’s all I could really ask for. And as for the season, I want to be the #2, but more importantly, I want to help the team win games whether that is behind the scenes or on the field. That will make me a better player in the long run.”

Now that Benkert is healthy again, it looks promising that we’ll see him at QB 2 right behind Ryan.

Be sure to keep up with Benkert and show his Twitch channel some love. And he stays very active on Twitter with fan engagement and livestream updates @KurtBenkert.

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