Former Raiders Coach Tom Flores ‘Disgusted’ by Hall of Fame Snub

tom flores

Getty Former Raiders HC Tom Flores.

Though it’s been about a month since former Raiders head coach Tom Flores found out he wouldn’t get into the Hall of Fame this year, the blow still doesn’t sit well with him. It hurts even more because coaches Bill Cowher and Jimmy Johnson got in this year and there’s little doubt that Flores should’ve gotten in before both of them. In a recent interview with ESPN’s Paul Gutierrez, Flores admitted that he is “kind of disgusted” with this most recent snub.

Considering Hall of Fame president David Baker told Flores he would be “almost a shoo-in” with the new Blue Ribbon committee, it’s understandable why he would be upset.

“I don’t know,” Flores said. “It happened. What can I do about it? I don’t have a choice. My fans are still my fans — they’re still going to make a lot of noise. A lot of people are really pissed off about this whole thing. A lot of people are pissed off for other guys that didn’t make it, either. I can’t say I’m exclusive in that respect.”

Not only did Flores win two Super Bowls, but he was also the first minority head coach in NFL history. Apparently, that isn’t enough to earn him the honor. It seems bizarre when you take into account that Cowher only won one Super Bowl.

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Raider Fatigue?

As much as Raider fans like to complain about how the NFL has it out for the team, the Raiders do have some of the most players in the Hall of Fame. However, that doesn’t discount the fact that there are still some egregious snubs. The fact that Flores and Cliff Branch haven’t received the honor is inexcusable. Gutierrez has a source who explained what could’ve caused the recent Raiders snubs:

“Lastly, and as strange as it might sound, the committee might be suffering from what a source said was ‘Raider fatigue,’ with Ray Guy, Wolf, Tim Brown and Ken Stabler all gaining induction since 2014, and Charles Woodson eligible next year.”

Yes, a number of Raiders have gotten into the Hall of Fame in recent years, but that’s because they were deserving. The honor should be reserved for people who deserve it and it shouldn’t matter which team they played for.

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Voter Explains Why Flores Wasn’t Selected

While many believe that Flores should be in the Hall of Fame, there are obviously a number of people who don’t. Peter King, a Hall of Fame voter, recently explained why Flores hasn’t gotten in.

“The entirety of his coaching career matters,” tweeted King. “Six winnings season in 12 as a head coach. He was 14-34 when he left the Raiders and coached Seattle.”

That argument is ridiculous as Seattle’s struggles while he was there were not entirely his fault. Also, why should that discount the fact that he won two Super Bowls? Nobody needs to overthink this. It’s a very simple decision. Flores deserves to be in the Hall of Fame and there’s no way he shouldn’t get in next year.

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