Falcons De’Vondre Campbell ‘Not Going Anywhere?’

de'vondre campbell

getty Atlanta Falcon Linebacker De'Vondre Campbell #59.

Last month, the Falcons decided to let not only linebacker De’Vondre Campbell test free agency but also star tight end Austin Hooper and guard Wes Schweitzer.

Campbell tweeted out “Free Agency starts a week from today” to remind his followers.

Many fans responded begging for him to stay in Atlanta or rooting him on in free agency.

Campbell’s No. 1 Option

Before deleting the tweet, Campbell made it clear his first option is to stay in Atlanta.

After the new year, Campbell’s agent Drew Rosenhaus told ESPN’s Vaughn McClure although Campbell wishes to stay in Atlanta, he understands the business. Campbell also noted during locker cleanout it would be special to come back next season because the Atlanta Falcons gave him an opportunity that the other teams in the league didn’t.

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New Uniform Thoughts

Of course, fans are trying to get any detail they can get on the new uniforms that will launch next month and it looks like Campbell has already gotten a glimpse.

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It’s reassuring to fans when the players give their own insight on the new uniforms and are just as excited.

Coach Dan Quinn has been listening to the fans and trying to get new uniforms for years after being in the same one for 17 seasons. It’s finally happening and he’s stoked.

“Well, I think they put a lot into the way they look, number one,” Dan Quinn said. “When you have – think about all of us being on team sports and you have your uniform. Like man, that feels right. But for this particular look, yeah I’ve been fighting for this… for a few years too. So, I couldn’t be more thrilled to see some of this look come together.”

Some players haven’t gotten the chance to see them like Falcons running back Craig Reynolds, but he said last week that he can’t wait to ‘look good, feel good.’

“I am very excited to see what they look like. Look good play good. Yeah, I was one of those people. I had to look good just so I could play good. It’s a ‘comfortable’ thing.”

Campbell as a Falcon

Thomas Dimitroff, Falcons general manager, made it clear in the end-of-season press conference and in last week’s interview that the Falcons will need to get creative with their cap space but insists they’ll have no problem doing so. Letting Campbell check out free agency is a way to give him chances with other suitors but also stay in Atlanta if he pleases.

From Minnesota, the Falcons selected Campbell in the fourth round (115th overall) of the 2016 NFL Draft. Through four seasons, Campbell has started in a total of 59 games, five of those being playoff games and has only continued to improve since being selected. He led the team in tackles during 2018 with 94 tackles and again this past season finishing with 129 tackles. In addition, Campbell finished the 2019 season strong with two sacks, two QB hits, six tackles for losses, one fumble recovery and three forced fumbles.

It would be in Atlanta’s favor if Campbell decided to stay regardless of the money situation since he has only produced a positive outcome for Atlanta.

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