Falcons Pegged to Be Potential Home for Former Vikings 1st Rounder?

Percy Harvin

Getty Percy Harvin #12 of the Minnesota Vikings.

ESPN‘s Josina Anderson reported last week the potential return of former Florida wide receiver and 2009 first-round pick, Percy Harvin.

After nearly five years of his NFL absence, Harvin says he’s ready to return again and has been training with a former Olympian.

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Harvin to the ATL?

NBC Sports’ NFL expert, Peter King said the Atlanta Falcons could be in the running for his new home.

King wrote about Harvin’s return in his Football Morning in America column:

“I think if I were a coach with interest in buying a lottery ticket for an offensive weapon, and if Percy Harvin would be willing to sign for zero guaranteed money, I’d bring him to camp . . . if there is a camp before the 2020 season. Some issues: Harvin—Josina Anderson reported he wants to make a comeback—will be 32 this fall, he has not played since 2016, and he played only 306 snaps combined in 2015 and ’16. I still would sign him. Remember his 87-yard kick-return TD in the Super Bowl six years ago? Key phrase: “six years ago.” But at his best, he was one of the two or three most dangerous weapons in the game, Tyreek Hill before there was a Tyreek Hill. Intriguing, and at 32, Harvin would be an interesting trial for some team. Steelers? Patriots? Falcons?”

Why Harvin Retired in the First Place

Harvin first came out of retirement in 2016 with the Buffalo Bills. He explained that he left in 2015 to let his body heal, naturally.

“I think any athlete who wants to perform how he wants to perform and he’s not allowed to do that, it’s very frustrating,” Harvin said, via the Buffalo News. “I knew the level I wanted to play at and my body just wouldn’t let me play at that level with my knee. So it was time for me to just step back, let my body heal, without trainers putting a time on it or being rushed. I just wanted to take time off to myself. I was able to relax with my family and just kind of get myself together. I’m refreshed and I’m ready to go.”

Harvin played one year with the Bills before retiring again.

A Good or Bad Idea for Falcons?

Harvin is about to be 32 this year, that’s pretty old in football years but not to Julio Jones and Matt Ryan or Matt Schaub.

Harvin had two BCS Championship wins under his belt when he entered the draft in 2009 as the No. 22 pick for the Vikings. His NFL career panned out smoothly in Minnesota from 09′ to 2012. It continued when he joined the Seahawks where he helped win a Super Bowl.

His age isn’t stopping his from being able to play, it’s the fact that he hasn’t seen the playing field in so long. If he comes back he’s either going to blow away everyone or completely embarrass himself.

After he came to save the day with the Bills in 2016, he experienced multiple migraines that eventually led to his second retirement.

I can sit here and type out Harvin’s stats for you all day but it doesn’t matter since it was years ago. However, if you do look at past Percy Harvin, he was a baller and that athleticism doesn’t just get buried away at 32-years-old. Also, if he’s mentally ready to go and he’s basically “free” then It could be fun to have him around the ATL.

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