Eagles’ Marquise Goodwin Opts Out, Cites ‘Family First’ in Emotional Video

Marquise Goodwin trade rumors

Getty Wide receiver Marquise Goodwin is the subject of trade rumors.

The decision to weigh health risks versus personal glory must be a challenging one for NFL players. Some 20 guys have opted out of the 2020 season so far, including one Eagles receiver.

Marquise Goodwin has chosen to opt-out this year after citing concerns over the COVID-19 pandemic, per NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport. The 29-year-old speed threat informed the Eagles that “family is the most important” thing to him after his wife gave birth to a 5-month-old daughter named Marae in February, especially following three miscarriages dating back to 2017.

Goodwin is the first Eagle to officially opt-out and players must inform their teams with written notifications by July 31. The NFL established two different designations for players choosing to opt-out for 2020: voluntary opt-out (player’s decision) and high-risk opt-out (must have underlying conditions), with each one carrying various financial and contractual ramifications including stipends ranging from $150,000 to $350,000. Click here for a full breakdown.

The running list of NFL players deciding to opt-out has been growing as teams report to training camp. The Patriots have been rocked the hardest to date, with at least six players declaring they were skipping the season. Obviously, that has led to rampant rumors that New England is “Tanking for Trevor” and the top overall pick in 2021.

Goodwin, acquired via trade during the draft, was going to be an interesting case study at camp considering the large stable of receivers on the Eagles’ roster (12). Opinions about the Olympic long jumper’s chances greatly varied, from earning a starting spot to not making the 53-man roster.

Now that decision got a lot easier for the front office in Philadelphia. They are down to 11 receivers and one of them — Alshon Jeffery — will start the year on the PUP list.

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Eagles WR Proves ‘Family Over Everything’ Philosophy

It’s important to note that no one is mad at Goodwin. Quite the contrary since he’s doing what is in his best interest to protect his family. The former 49ers receiver explained why he made the tough decision in a heartfelt YouTube video. Goodwin needs to look out for his 5-month-old daughter and wife.

“It doesn’t mean that I don’t love football,” Goodwin said. “It doesn’t mean that I don’t want to be an Eagle. It doesn’t mean anything other than I’m protecting these two right here. These are my pride and joy man. I live for these two. I’ll die for these two. I will.”

Goodwin is committed to his family above all else, a pretty noble thing to say in the competitive world of professional sports. It’s understandable considering his unimaginable personal loss over the past three years.

“After choosing football so many times, I feel like I’m inclined to make the right decision by finally choosing my family first, and that’s real talk,” Goodwin said. “It’s known that the NFL is implementing protocols to combat COVID pandemic as well as other professional leagues. I won’t take the chance of experiencing another loss because of my selfish decision-making. I can’t do it.”

Tyreek Hill Recently Challenged Goodwin to Race

It appears the highly-anticipated foot race between Tyreek Hill and Goodwin is off, too. The two speedsters had been enjoying a fun back-and-forth on social media about the fastest man in the NFL. Both players seemed to think they owned the title, although Hill clarified that he was the better receiver.

“Marquise Goodwin, whoever, we can do whatever,” Hill said on ESPN. “I already proved that I’m better than you at wide receiver, at wideout, now I gotta prove to you that I’m faster than you, too? That’s really gonna hurt when I’m faster and I move better than you … that’s really gonna hurt. But all love to you though, next time just @ me though. I just need you to @ me.”

Goodwin started the trash-talking on July 22 after he commented on the viral video of Hill racing former Eagles great Terrell Owens with the caption: “No way you beatin me with that form. YOU FAST AF, but…” Hill read it and took offense, prompting him to challenge Goodwin to a foot race on ESPN. The newest Eagles speedster responded in turn by taking his own shot at Hill and called him out for refusing to race Goodwin in 2019.

Goodwin wrote: “YOU CANT BEAT ME. I PULLED UP TO FLORIDA LAST YR. TO C YOUUU SPECIFICALLY… PULL-UP TO DDD… THIS TIME I WANT MY MONEY.” He also wrote @Cheetah (Hill’s Twitter handle) 12 times to fulfill the star’s request of making sure to @ him.

Well, the race will have to wait until next season as Goodwin has sided with extreme caution over Super Bowl glory. It’s a tough decision plaguing many players dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic.

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