Eagles’ Dallas Goedert Feels Healthy, Says Zach Ertz ‘Deserves Contract’

Dallas Goedert, Zach Ertz

Getty The Eagles love utilizing stud tight ends Zach Ertz and Dallas Goedert in "12 Personnel."

It’s been a whirlwind offseason for Dallas Goedert, one that has included both a bar fight and a fractured thumb.

No worry, the third-year tight end is “feeling fine” and hopes to be all healed up in time for Week 1. Goedert has been wearing a makeshift splint on his left thumb this week at practice but doesn’t feel limited or diminished. The 25-year-old admitted that he had to go through the concussion protocol following a random bar fight on June 19 where he was punched in the face and rushed to a local hospital.

The man who smacked him has since pleaded not guilty and a court date has been set for Sept. 30, per NJ Advance Media.

“No, I haven’t had to deal with it too much,” Goedert told reporters about the altercation. “The next day I was perfectly fine. They put me through concussion protocol just to be safe but I feel great. Happy to be here, happy for the season to be here.”

Then, Goedert suffered a hairline fracture last week during training camp. A tight end with a busted finger is never good, even if the injury isn’t considered serious. He doesn’t anticipate missing any time, least of all not the Week 1 matchup in Washington.

“It’s just something that I got to get used to,” Goedert said. “It’ll be gone or healed up hopefully by the time the season starts but for right now I’m just playing without my left thumb. It takes a little bit of getting used to.”

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Goedert Talks Contract Negotiations in Philly

There has been a lot of chatter this offseason about Zach Ertz’s impending contract extension — and how that might impact Goedert’s own contract negotiations. He still has two years left on the four-year rookie deal he signed in 2018, but teams like to lock their stars up sooner rather than later.

The tight-end position has been in the spotlight following the mega-rich contracts doled out to George Kittle and Travis Kelce. They are widely regarded as the top two players at the position in the NFL, with Ertz self-admittedly in that elite conversation. The Eagles might have to get creative to clear up enough cap space to keep both guys in the nest long-term. Goedert has been tracking all the developments very closely.

“I think as a player especially when guys like that get signed, you know who the top moneymakers are at your position,” Goedert said. “You know what the top money is. After Kittle got signed, you just go in and say, ‘You see what he got? Yeah, awesome, good for him.’ I’m happy for those guys, happy that the tight end position is seen as more valuable, that’s kind of the main thing.”

As far as Ertz’s own quest for a new deal, count Goedert strongly in his corner. He called his Pro Bowl teammate the best tight end in football.

“Zach deserves a contract here. He’s been here and been a top-3 tight end in the league,” Goedert said. “Of course, I believe he’s been the best in the league or the last bunch of years. I think he deserves whatever he is about to get.”

Strong Relationship with Zach Ertz

Goedert added that he’s rooting for Ertz to break the bank on a contract extension. The two share a special relationship, feeding off each other as they continue to make each other better every single day.

“It’s been a really good relationship,” Goedert said. “Zach has helped me a ton along the way, just telling me different things about defenses he sees, the way he just carries himself in the building every day. He holds the tight end group to a very high standard.”

Not surprisingly, Goedert really wants to see more “12 Personnel” packages in 2020. It’s something Carson Wentz has hinted at and the young tight end did nothing to squash those rumors. The Eagles’ new-look offense could have a few new wrinkles showcasing Ertz and Goedert.

“You know, if it was my decision, I would have 12 personnel on every play,” Goedert said. “Compared to last year, I think we’ll find new ways to get us both involved, new ways to move us around in the offense and I’m just excited to see everything unfold as we get to Week 1 against Washington.”

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