Superstar Pleads With Dana White: ‘Take Me Back!’

UFC President Dana White


Superstar celebrity YouTuber and novice professional boxer Logan Paul sent a message to UFC president Dana White during the latest episode of the “Impaulsive” podcast. The 25-year-old American used his time on the podcast to plead with the UFC boss not to confuse him with his younger brother, Jake Paul, or any of the 23-year-old’s wild antics.

“Dana, take me back! Take me back. I’m not Jake, please!” Paul said.

LOGAN PAUL'S MESSAGE TO DANA WHITEVideo from Ep. 249 Logan Paul Responds to Jake Paul: “My Brother Is A Fake Fighter" Wear Maverick Clothing ► SUBSCRIBE TO THE PODCAST ► ADD IMPAULSIVE ON INSTAGRAM ► LISTEN ON: ITUNES: SPOTIFY: CASTBOX: ADD ME ON: INSTAGRAM: TWITTER: ***PLEASE NOTE*** Impaulsive is a significant break…2021-01-06T19:09:36Z

Logan explained that he and White had some kind of relationship before Jake began all his epic tirades about White and his UFC fighters. It wasn’t a friendship, perhaps, but it was definitely some kind of acquaintanceship.

Logan said White had even given him UFC tickets before, so now Logan is afraid White is equating the Paul brothers as the same person.

“Bro, he’s given me tickets to go to UFC fights before. Like, f***! F***!” Paul said.

Mayweather vs. Logan Paul Is Next Month

Logan is heading into a special exhibition boxing pay-per-view bout against 43-year-old boxing legend Floyd Mayweather Jr. on February 20.

Logan did some pre-promotion call outs to help nab that fight against Mayweather, but none of his outbursts were as wild or as mean-spirited as Jake’s have been.

Moreover, it would seem Logan and Mayweather were already working together in some kind of capacity behind the scenes, or at least maybe that there were active negotiations between the two camps when all that was going on.

Jake Paul vs. UFC

Jake, 23, has been trying hard to hustle up his own megafight boxing match against UFC superstar Conor McGregor and other top UFC stars, but all he’s managed to do so far is anger UFC fighters, fans, and its president, White.

On a recent podcast appearance, White pretended not to know who the Paul brothers were before Jake began calling for the McGregor fight. White also lumped both together as the same type of non-legit fighter.

“Neither one of these guys can fight,” White said. “It’s all a big gimmick. Like I said at a press conference, there’s a market for that. If people are dumb enough to spend their money watching that s***, I don’t know what to tell you. Good luck to them.”

Jake responded to White’s comments with more banter. During his most recent salvo on Instagram, Jake tabbed White as, “this bald b****” and “the Alaskan bull worm”.

So Logan is worried his brother Jake is writing checks with his mouth that both brothers will be asked to cash someday.

“He pissed off Dana White…[He’s gone] so hard on Dana White, and now Dana has grouped us together, which sucks. Bro, I love Dana White! I love the UFC! And now Dana is mad at me because he thinks we’re the same person,” Logan said.

Logan also admitted his younger brother’s antics in trying to stir up trouble with McGregor might have some consequences for him, too. For his part, Logan said he was a big fan of the Irish superstar.

“I love Conor McGregor, dude!” Logan Paul said.

Message Sent To UFC Boss: ‘We’re So Different’

So Logan wants to make sure White knows the Paul brothers aren’t the same person. He also wants the UFC boss to know Logan and Jake don’t go about things in their careers in the same kind of way.

“We’re so different,’ Logan said.

Finally, Logan hopes Jake’s beef with White doesn’t keep a potential UFC fight from happening for him down the line.

No, the YouTuber doesn’t plan on hopping inside the Octagon anytime soon, but he definitely hopes to get there someday after his professional boxing career develops more.

“I love the UFC fights. I want to do a UFC fight one day. I’m not saying now. I’m saying let me get my skills up,” Logan said.

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