Top Girls Videos of the Week: Katy Perry, Kate Upton, Carol Zara

What’s better than the photos in Kate Upton’s steamy new spread in GQ? Watching her jiggle while the photos are taken. Go behind the scenes and get inside the action.

“Crazy As I May” is the latest video by Kaloopy and features the gorgeous Jena Sims dancing in lingerie and a grey blouse looking mighty fine.

We’re going to try and remain impartial, but ever since encountering Carol Zara at last year’s NY Comic Con the gamer girl has held a soft spot in our hearts. Valentine’s day may be over, but she’s still burning up with passion.

From the moment Katy Perry swaggered into the studio for the shoot of the August 2011 Esquire cover, one could just tell it was going to be a special day. The results speak for themselves…

Arianny Celeste has become the golden girl of the UFC, but she wasn’t always the queen bee. Take a look at the hottie’s humble beginnings with the Maxim Hometown Hottie contest.

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