The 20 Worst Tramp Stamps

The 20 Worst Tramp StampsOh, the tramp stamp – is there any tattoo that more perfectly communicates “buy me three drinks and I’ll do anything sexually, and may or may not vomit on your Xbox?” While most tramp stamps are simple tribals or flowers, every once in a while somebody will get one so spectacularly bad that it boggles the mind. The following 20 tramp stamps are the worst we’ve ever seen. All the lasers in the world won’t be enough to erase the shame.

Miz Dixie Tramp Stamp

The Confederate flag is a potently charged historical symbol. So why not meet it halfway with the Lilith Faire logo and really get your tramp stamp going in style?

Furry Tramp Stamp

I’m not sure what’s worse – being so socially demented that you get a giant sexy animal above your ass, or being so poor that you can’t afford to get it colored in.

Spider-Man Tramp Stamp

Traditionally, Spider-Man’s Spider-Sense goes off when he’s menaced by danger that he can’t see. I can only correlate that with the presence of this loser’s flatulent anus.

Stretch My Wings Tramp Stamp

Yes, you will stretch your wings. The more Little Debbies you eat, the more those wings are gonna stretch.

I Corinthians Tramp Stamp

That is a whole lot of Bible to emblazon on your ass. But then that’s a whole lot of ass to fill up with Bible.


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Just remember for everyone of these tattoos, there is a demented tattoo artist that inked these morons.

J Eliott

Logic fail ^ Tattoo artists don’t just draw one tattoo and then suddenly retire. There is not a tattoo artist for every tramp stamp.

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