The 20 Most Disturbing Children’s Drawings

Remember all the wonderful illustrations you crafted in your youth, when you weren’t restricted by responsibility or the soul crushing reality that nothing you do makes any difference? Well it turns out they were pretty damn weird. Too bad the Internet didn’t exist in 1987, but now there’s a whole generation of kid art to gawk at. Check out this bunch of Rebrandts.

kids drawing car crash

Vehicular manslaughter is never funny, except when perpetrated by an El Camino driving wife on her cross-dressing husband.

kids scary drawing

Apparently a zombie apocalypse situation is going down in the next century.

cat in the hat kids drawing

If we’re talking about that f@#$ing terrifying live action film with Mike Myers, then I’m on board.  You cannot unsee that travesty.

kids weird drawings

No, no, lots of kids draw murder factories. I’m sure he’ll turn out very well adjusted.

kids drawing destroy

Why do I feel like this belongs in a Wes Anderson film?

kids sad drawings

Huh, I thought children didn’t have feelings.

kids funny drawings

Haha, awesome.

kids ridiculous drawings

Hell is great Joey. It’s similar to the next twelve years of education you’ll be subjected to.

stripper mom

Mom’s gotta pay for your ballet lessons somehow.

kids drawing kardashian

This is actually way more interesting than your average Kardashian plot line.

kids kill leprechaun

Psshh, silly kid.  You get the gold first…whatever it takes.

kids funny drawings

Yeah, well Dad loves whiskey, cured meat, and pornography more than you.

kids scary drawings

Counseling.  Now!

kids funny drawings

Now that’s a party.

kids funny drawings

Interesting that regardless of your relationship status, the child still considers you a pill popping waste of life.

I don’t want to see the monstrosity that thing is going to give birth to.

Never been to a KKK bake sale?

It’s like if Joan Miro got into heroin.

Mama needs a break.  How else is she supposed to act impressed by your crappy artwork?

Is her name really Bich, or is there something really messed up going on here?

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