Methmaker Meets Freshmaker in ‘Breaking Bad’ Mentos Mashup

What a couple of weeks for Mentos! First the part-gum-part-mint spurs a national patriotic f**kfest, and now the Freshmaker teams with TV’s best show in a perfect parody of the brand’s classic corny commercials.

It wouldn’t have been the ’90s without that cheeseball Mentos jingle and the absurd vignettes it supported. Each 30-second masterpiece turned a moment of angst into an aha inspiration — always pivoting on the popping of a magic Mento. It was a kinder, gentler time; these inane ads were our anthems, and Mentos were our meth.

This precisely spliced mashup makes Breaking Bad‘s Walter White the Freshmaker. If you love the show and remember the ’90s, the clip is pure gold.

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