Mohamed Jbali & Ex-Wife Danielle Mullins: ’90 Day Fiance’

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  1. What a Chavenistic Pig! Danielle owes uou nada but a kick in the ass
    You need to find you own way home if you qere so rich! Im Fed Up with him flintin around on TV! RESPECT AMERICAN WOMEN OR SEE YOUR WAY OUT!!

    • I agree with you.he will get his due karma doesn’t take a holiday.just another illegal terrorist taking advantage of america.there is a new sheriff in the white house, and a lot of the illegal people taking advantage because they were allowed to will be getting kicked home.

  2. This guy is a complete user….quite evident he was in it for the green card ONLY… Danielle needs to get this person completely out of her life. Mohammad should be sent back to where ever it is he came from.

    • Scot I don’t think we’re alone in this thought. I don’t see how everyone is so more critical of him, is it Danielle’s tears or what? She displays a huge temper. I love the way Mohammed defends himself when he does feel cornered it’s done with intelligence.

  3. How can anyone believe this idiot…OF course he thinks he has done nothing he is still complete predator who uses woman hurts them…he is not man enough to get the things he wants in life on his own….HE preys on woman. Go back to your own country and abuse your own women there ….WOW !!
    Danielle …. wake up and see what this guy is…a using predator!

  4. It was so bizarre to see all the women and especially the Colombian Whore posing naked for a little cash in Miami porn famous city jumping on the poor guy “Mohammad” who was totally misunderstood by all the idiots, it was like a bunch of vultures attacking a wounded animal in Africa . The woman who is twitching her face so much I think, she is on drugs, and I feel really sorry for her husband because I think he is the only wise man of all of them. The white cheap whore with the slave from Jamaica, well do I need to say more about her, not really.

    • I’m with you Ali baba. All of them ganged up on Mo when the ones most vocal have issues at their own homes. The host didn’t know how to control the crowd either she was supposed to stay unbiased.

    • I assume your woman all wear sheets, you seem to get off on degrading woman, what can you expect from a MUSLIME. You stone woman, don’t let them get educated, go after your daughters, well get ready ali baba, your reign of terror is OVER in AMERICAN, your tax breaks, your free ride here, no more of your buddies sharing a gas station, in fact, no more of you people getting in here easy, so all i can do with your babble, is laugh. By the way, did you know why most muslimes treat woman like dirt? Your all closet cases, hahahah

  5. Ali Baba, its obvious that you’re the typical psycho trash from the middle east that has a pure evil and black shriveled up rotten heart. Please please do the world a favor and go back to the hell hole of the middle east where you came from and take Mohammad with you and go blow yourself up like all your syphilus-HIV infested brothers!!!!! BTW, if you hate Americans so much then why int he hell is half your country here?? Guess what, we hate you just as much as you hate us!!!!

  6. Omg lol Look at Mr Ali here’s comment in the FB portion. Is that you Muhammed? Seeing as you only diss Daniel and Devar. Then call out Pao in the other comments, funny, the only 3 people who yelled at you on the show lmao.

  7. I think she wanted a younger guy to support her and her kids. He wanted a way into this country and she knew it. She needs to get on with her life and leave him alone. The guy loves this country, let him stay.

  8. What I don’t understand is why Mohammed is still here in the USA? Did I miss something? I’m thinking if they are not together and he has been sticking it to anyone and everyone that will spread their legs except his wife and has been spreading his slime up and down the east coast, catching every communicable disease known to man, if any smart girl or guy saw him coming they would run like hell away from the fool and Danielle should quit lusting after that idiot. So how did he get to keep his green card? And there wedding was a joke too! When he refused to kiss her, she should have been smart enough that day and realize she was being used..Women can become so desperate she should have just went to the pound and adopted a dog or cat, and saved herself a lot of aggravation.

  9. Mohamad is such a fake that it almost actually sickens me to even listen to him! From the beginning he showed all of us that he had no interest in Danielle. The very first time I saw him on the show I know he only wanted to use her for his green card. I immediately felt sorry for Danielle that she went ahead with the relationship and then chose to marry him. I knew she was headed for disaster right off. It’;s so sad that she has spent thousands of dollars that she can’t recooperate on this over seas looser in the first degree. He’s almost as sorry as they come! It’s also really frustrating to see her still want him in her life. I think she still wants to stay married to him. I can’rt imagine why. She’s a good person and deserves a whole lot better than to waste her time, money, heart, and life on such a fake man! She SHOULD have him depoyted the hell on out of here and move on with her life.

  10. Mohamed I feel people often gang up on you but had they watched the show from the beginning anyone could tell you did more than tried to make it work. You put up with a lot of abuse on the show from others with dignity. I really just want you to know me and my husband and a lot more others support and pray for you.

  11. Look truth be told he had nothing to say was oh so quit until she let the cat out the bag he is gay that’s fake ads marriage is the only way he was in the country

  12. How did Danielle believe they would be a good match? He’s inexperienced in relationships – was trusting. He was brought into a poor financial situation, put into a step father role most older men would have been have needed experienced parenting skills . With the age difference – she would not be able to give him children. And for the hygiene issues – why would he lie, he gave sound advice to see a doctor. He’s a young man – he needs to be and experience life with his own age. He has good cause to fight for his stay here.

  13. Danielle isn’t innocent in all of this. Before they were married she did not tell Mohamed she had a criminal record for credit card fraud and check fraud. She did not tell Mohamed she was several thousand dollars in debt. She did not tell Mohamed she had been evicted twice. The courts issued a restraining order against Danielle’s son that was applied for by the D.A., not Mohamed. The restraining order was issued after Cory was found guilty of domestic violence against Mohamed. Danielle brought up the issue of personal hygiene, not Mohamed. Both have lied. Both have committed fraud. Both are equally responsible for what has happened.

  14. Danielle needs to get over it!omg lady then do what you want but you Can’t force someone to be with you. Im in shock how nasty this woman is get medical treatment and leave this poor man alone. GROSS!

  15. Mohammed do u. That crazy danielle was crazy from the get go. U right she need to see a Dr. Go to judge Mathis or that other tv judge so they can force the divorce in a fm and don’t blame u run

  16. I, unfortunately am on Mohammad’s side. He wasn’t even there a week when her power got shut off, then she lost her job. He may have had it bad in Tunisia, but at least he was working. She had been guilty of fraud, and as far as I am concerned, she needed someone else’s name to put on her bills. She is not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but I believe she was smart enough to make him think that she could afford to take care of him until he was able to work.

  17. Danielle- when are you going to face the reality of the situation between you and Mohammed?! I feel sorry for you. I’ve been down this road and had a Pakistani man deported the late 90s. My daughter is a beautiful blonde with big blue eyes. He preyed on her and I went to my congressman. I am Not putting you down but you have to know you were never his type. It’s time to
    Put on your big girl pantries.

  18. What a jerk! that was his plan all along and the bad things was that he used his religion into play. if he was so religious then why did he do what he did? he is just trying to be the victim in the story knowing that he never loved or cared for Danielle. He played her good he deserves an oscar for being the best faker ever!!!! plus he is so deam ugly!!!

  19. All these abusive men who abuse women in their country won’t be able to do it much longer 100’s have been deported.why any president would allow these terrible dangerous idiots here should not say he protects women’s rights when this culture is known for terrorizing and bullying women. I call b.s.on that.

  20. Women like Danielle r partly to blame,along with TLC. This type of entertainment will no longer be watched in my house. Let women unite against men like this.if these shows don’t have an audience they will dissipate.

  21. Smile now because u will be found, and deported ur a coward and bully taking advantage of a lonely woman who loves you so glad you’re proud of your self, but this country will spit u out. I can’t wait to get the news Danielle is too good for u.