Kacy Catanzaro: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

kacy catanzaro, woman beats american ninja warrior course

At the Dallas finals of NBC’s hit show American Ninja Warrior, a 5-foot-tall, 100-pound athlete proved victorious over one of the hardest obstacle courses in the world. Kacy Catanzaro, 24, made headlines when she completed a course that defeated dozens of muscle-bound men and made it look easy.

Here’s what you should know about this inspirational athlete:

1. She’s the First Woman to Finish the First Round

In the six seasons of the show, Catanzaro is the only female athlete to beat the intermediate obstacle course. During the process, she also became the first woman ever to scale the “Warped Wall,” a 17-foot-high wall that competitors need to run up.

Above you can watch Catanzaro’s incredible history-making run.

2. She Advances to the Finals in Las Vegas

You haven’t seen the last of Kacy Catanzaro. As Season 6 of American Ninja Warrior presses on, she will return for the show’s final round in Las Vegas. There, she’ll compete for $500,000 on a larger and more difficult obstacle course.

In case you were worried about his backstory and workout regimen, above is her audition video to be considered for season 6 of the show.

3. She Was a Division 1 College Gymnast

Kacy catanzaro hot

(Facebook/ Kacy Catanzaro)

Catanzaro grew up in New Jersey, where she became a gymnast at the age of 3. In college at Towson University in Maryland, Catanzaro was a Division I gymnast. In 2012, her senior year, she was named the NCAA’s Southeast Regional Gymnast of the Year.

4. Her Boyfriend Is ‘American Ninja Warrior’ Veteran Brent Steffensen

Catanzaro has been training with her boyfriend, Brent Steffensen, a four-time returning veteran of American Ninja Warrior who has been successful in the past. However, the night Catanzaro destroyed the course, Steffensen fell during an obstacle his girlfriend defeated easily.

You can watch his run above.

5. She’s Become an Overnight Sensation

Seen as an inspiration to people everywhere, Catanzaro became the subject of the hashtag #MightyKacy, which trended worldwide on Twitter after her successful run.

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