James Knowles, Mayor of Ferguson: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

michael wood shooting, ferguson missouri mayor, james knowles III

Ferguson Mayor James Knowles and Michael Brown (inset). (Facebook)

James Knowles is the under-fire Mayor of Ferguson, Missouri. His city has come under intense media spotlight after the shooting death of Michael Brown on August 10. The black 18-year-old was unarmed when he was gunned down by an on-duty cop.

Since the killing, the city of Ferguson has been subject to mass protests, hacking and looting. Knowles has pleaded with the looters to stop, has canceled protests, and told the media “We want people to have faith in the process.” Earlier he had defended the officers’ policing of the looting, saying “The officers did their best. They’re only human.”

Here’s what you need to know about the mayor of America’s most controversial city:

1. He’s a Republican

As a member of the GOP, Knowles was the president of the Missouri Young Republicans while he was a student at the University of Missouri. According to St. Louis Public Radio, Knowles is “one of the few Republicans who hold elected office in north St. Louis County.”

2. He’s One of the Youngest Mayors in Missouri

Knowles was elected Mayor of Ferguson back in April 2011 at the age of 31. He got 49 percent of the vote, defeating a former mayor, Steve Wegert. The electorate chose “mostly fresh faces” during that election, according to the website of North St. Louis County.

3. One of His Hobbies Is ‘Shooting’

james knowles, ferguson mayor, michael brown shooting

According to Knowles’ LinkedIn page, among his interests are “sport shooting.” He also says that he enjoys hunting, fishing, traveling, history and cooking.

His page also indicates he was twice named in St. Louis Business Journal’s 30 under 30, in 2009 and 2010.

4. He Wanted Brendan Ryan to Remain With the St. Louis Cardinals

ferguson missouri mayor, michael brown shooting

Brendan Ryan is hit by a pitch while playing for the Cardinals on April 9, 2009, at Busch Stadium in St. Louis. He was traded to the Seattle Mariners in 2010. (Getty)

Knowles, along with 13 other people, was a member of a Facebook group that wanted to keep shortstop Brendan Ryan with the St. Louis Cardinals. Most other groups that Knowles is a member of are related to Republican-activities in Missouri.

Knowles was a frat boy, a member of the Lambda Chi Alpha – Phi Psi Zeta fraternity at Truman State University. On his LinkedIn, Knowles says that he attended Truman between 1997 and 2002, obtaining a degree in political science.

5. He Said in 2013 That ‘White Flight’ Was Not a Thing in Ferguson

ferguson mayor james knowles, michael brown shooting

In a posting on his Facebook page in February 2013, Knowles wrote about his disagreement with the analysis that white people were leaving Missouri’s cities. He said:

For the first tIme in a long time, people are choosing to move to Ferguson and choosing to stay if they have the choice. Ferguson has a formula that works, the question is will other declining areas follow the lead of Ferguson or fall victim to the same failed policies that destroyed many of the old North County communities?


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Why on earth would I “NEED TO KNOW” that he’s a Republican, that he wanted someone to keep playing for the Cardinals, that he’s one of the youngest Mayors? Come on, your trite fluff article belittles the serious issues that are tearing a community apart. Reporting nonsense like this in the middle of a time of grief is like a person offering bystanders marshmallows in the middle of a tornado.


You would only need to know this if you were a democrat trying to politicize the shooting and inflame racial division for cheap politics.


Sure does seem to be a l lot of useless info doesn’t it? Seems like the writer has more of a personal agenda than a desire to actually see that justice is done here. What a shock.


Paul, the mayor’s connection to the incident alludes me. The mayor of a municipality doesn’t control anything except to help cool the situation. He/She doesn’t control the investigation, the incident, the hiring/firing, etc. As an outsider, this man seems to be doing and saying all the right things. The police may have been wrong and a tragedy occurred, but to hunt this man is wrong. Your five facts are completely unrelated and geared at hurting not helping this situation for the benefit of your website. That is not journalism–its sensationalism and irresponsible. Shame on you.


possibly one of the worst articles ever written on a subject. obviously this ‘journalist’ was having creative block so Paul just decided to write drivel instead of calling it an early night and getting a good nights rest. He must have been under very harsh and demanding deadlines but an editor short on enlightening material and needing something to fill a screen, anything.


Is this suppose to be journalism? Partisan hacks Googling unimportant information. Lazy.


Every executive official effecting Mike Brown’s life was black and/or a Democrat.

This story has nothing to do with race and their is no viable way to ensure perfect police.

The police unions are Democrats too, this stands only to go in circles and damage the regional economy the longer it does.


All democrats try to do is inflame racial issues for polticial gain. They pour gasoline on the fire and hope the extra votes they get in the next election is more than the number of their voters who are killed the in the violence they incite.


I know for a fact,that’s not right on Linda and some republicans in this world has lied and been doing some stuff similar to that for sometime also.


That’s not always true and some republicans in this world do that sometimes also. In fact, some republicans such as Rush Limbaugh, Jason Riley, etc. don’t always tell the facts to the public when it comes to race and politics also.

Greg Wilson

After watching this sorry excuse of a “mayor” ramble on MSNBC that there is no racial divide in his city (Ferguson MO) and that a majority of his constituents agree with the police tactics I can’t help but coming to the conclusion that Mr. Knowles is either:
a) High on some mind altering drug
b) completely ignorant to what is happening
c) Complicit in inciting a race war by racist police by allowing the oppression of black Americans in Ferguson to continue
d) All of the above
I hope the good people of Ferguson have the option to recall this incompetent lout and avail themselves of this avenue.
My heart goes out to all who are oppressed and have their constitutional rights wantonly violated by the GESTAPO tactics of this police farce under the [mis]leadership of yet another Republican who is ignorant to the needs of real Americans and the constitutional rights of all!

Suzanne Muzechuk

dear Ferguson,Mo, the world is watching and they fully expect you to do what has always happened when a young black person looses their life to a white policeman. destroy all that is your home and community. so if you want the same outcome you have the power to have it. How has that been working for you. Micheal Browns’ parents have asked that you keep the peace no matter. so What in the name of God is the sense in destroying you home? if you want to destroy your home town and possibly lose more lives then go ahead and do what will be the same thing over and over and over. there are people out there that want you to blow up, kill , injure, destroy all that is your home.You know who they are. and they make money of the results of this kind of behavior. no one will ever know without absolute certainty what happened that day. there is Micheal’s version’ there is the policeman’s version and somewhere in all of it is the truth and only GOD knows for sure.So with so much uncertainty, why go to Hell. No matter what the grand jury’s decision , no one will be satisfied. If your this angry, then use your anger for the good. TAKE IT AND MAKE YOUR COMMUNITY A BETTER PLACE . CLEAN UP THE MESS WHATEVER IT IS. HELP EACH OTHER AND FOR GOD SAKES STOP LISTENING TO THE POLITICIANS THAT PROMISE NOTHING BUT HOLLOW WORDS. Don’t you realize how they come and puff their chest and leave and do not one thing. They are nothing more than cheap celebrities.They use all of us to get what they want. THINK about who in your community that really does try to make it better. The Brown Family have lost their son. HE IS NOT COMING BACK. To avenge his death in a destructive way is just wrong. think about what you can do , just you ,one person , to make one piece of your home better. and don’t stop trying. GOD asks us to forgive. So what are you going to do ? destroy or build in Micheals’ memory. If you destroy You disrespect him and his family. Don’t you think they have hurt enough???????


not giving Darren Willson severance was uncalled for. he put his life on the line and because of it his life and that of his family are in danger he deserves better


Damn natives are about to burn your city down…..what the hell….back off all good people and nuke the ghetto…lol….seriously…the natives don’t want, never have wanted to, and never wiii want to be a part of America….they actually enjoy their destructive culture….and America keeps feeding their fire….Its all about the Jewish/Zionist media control of filth and race warware…ebt cards…food stamps….no education….keep feeding the idiots…what a zoo….I be damn if this sort of crap would happen in any other city in the South…WE THE PEOPLE WOULD STOP THEIR DESTRUCTION….YOU PEOPLE SEEM TO BE LOOKING FOR A CIVIL ANSWER….there are none…you are dealing with IQs of 60-80…cultural dropouts…cut off their water and electrics….run for the hills….and nuke em….get rid of the trash and cut ebt cks in half….they’ll be eating each other in two weeks…lol…these people are seriously drop outs from all that this country offers….when you guys truly need help….put out a local….then national bulletin call for help…and tell communist oboma to stay out of your city…all news media….stay out….and..then deal with the scum bags…good luck and think smart. oh…your article sucks…you or your editor must be jewish media controlled filth…even the average Americans are waking up to your agenda….been on the books for over 2000 years….and its never worked anywhere on planet earth…read your own filthy history…


Paul, you may want to check your facts. James Knowles III is a Democrat, and worked as a staff member for former Missouri state Senator and Democrat Ted House.


Are you sure? After he was in a Republican organization, he worked on the campaign of a Democrat and he was elected as non-partisan mayor.
fact check not working?


He was a young Republican who was mentored by Democrats. Same as Hillary Clinton. Same history. Look it up.

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