Cats Continue to Be Dicks and the GIFs Prove It

In case you need a bit of a distraction from the Boston tradgedy today, we recommend a few GIFs. Just sit, back, watch the loop of hilarity and forget about the real world for a few minutes. Your sanity will be in better shape because of it.

Yes, cats can be dicks and any man or beast who crosses their path is subject to a surprise attack.


How much proof do you need?!

cat being a jerk

cat being a jerk

Nothing like a relaxing day of lounging by the pool, when BAM! Mission accomplished pool bandit!


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The 20 Awesomest GIFs of Cats Being Dicks

Cats are dicks and we've got the GIFs to prove it.

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And probably one of the most hilarious fail videos of YouTube history – afro ninja, now in never-ending-loop GIF form!


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