20 Worst Inventions Ever Invented: Things Nobody Will Ever Need

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  1. I’m disappointed with this list. Absolutely the worst invention ever was the nuclear bomb. Anything that is purpose built to kill millions of civilians with just one explosion is definitely an invention that should not exist.

  2. Hey Sam,

    You offer an interesting list of crappy inventions but you and all the other lists on the 1st page of Google of worst inventions including Time Magazine’s list, all fail to point out the Single Worst invention of all time!

    What invention is legal used by about 40 million Americans daily and kills indiscriminately?
    Cigarettes, I think are the worst thing any human ever put together for any sort of purpose.

    I watched as they killed several members of my family, and now that I am a bit older I have seen cigarettes kill friends I grew up with as well.
    Cigarettes the invention that addicts and kills everyday, how did they not make the list?
    Thanks again for the post, my best,