WATCH: R.I.P.D. Trailer 2 Brings Out the Big Guns

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This summer is dishing out some seriously big movies, with Man of Steel, Pacific Rim and The Lone Ranger, all in competition for your movie ticket. If you haven’t already put R.I.P.D. on your list of “must-see” movies, then get on that! Big, action, big laughs, big stars and the supernatural, plus it’s something ORIGINAL! An idea that seems to be scarce in Hollywood these days.

Heavy Exclusive Interview with Ryan Reynolds, Jeff Bridges, Mary Louise ParkerStaff writer Paul Farrell interview the primary cast of Ripd in this awesome exclusive interview.2013-07-19T00:46:20.000Z

Ryan Reynolds plays a cop who dies in the line of duty and instantly finds himself in a new job position among the dead. His new partner is a 200-year-old cowboy (Jeff Bridges) who takes the young gun under his wing in the Rest In Peace Department (R.I.P.D.). The department’s function is too track down and arrest the dead souls who are hiding out in the living world. Think bounty hunting, but for ghosts.


The movie is based on the graphic novel Rest In Peace Department by Peter M. Lenkov. Watching the trailer one can’t help but draw similarities to Men In Black, with Reynolds and Bridges falling into the roles of Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones. While MIB was hindered by the characters human limitations, R.I.P.D. makes use of the dead conditions of Reynolds and Bridges with avatars. In the world of the living Bridges and Reynolds are viewed by others as an elderly Asian man and blonde supermodel (Marisa Miller), a clever way to set the movie apart with good comedic effect.

Along with stars Ryan Reynolds, Mary-Louise Parker and Jeff Bridges, the flick has the production team responsible for such titles as last year’s surprise hit 21 Jump Street and Fast and the Furious. With credits like that this movie is going to be big, and from the looks of the trailer, this ghost hunt is going to be a wild ride well worth the hype.


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