James Corden Wife & Family: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

James Corden Wife, James Cordon Family, James Corden Kids

James Corden (left) and wife Julia Carey (right) pose after he was awarded an OBE at the Buckingham Palace on June 25, 2015 in London, England. (Getty)

Hailing from London, England, James Corden has made quite the name for himself as the host of The Late Late Show since taking over for Craig Ferguson in December 2014. The 37-year-old comedian continues to entertaining viewers on his variety show which features a well-known segment titled carpool karaoke where he invites various recording-artists to recite their own music off the radio.

Unbeknownst to many, Corden is a happily married man with a personal life that’s equally as vibrant as his booming career. He tied the knot to his wife Julia Carey on September 15, 2012 and the couple have two children together.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. The Couple Has Two Children Named Max & Carey

James Corden Wife, James Cordon Family, James Corden Kids


As mentioned above, Corden and his wife have two children together. The first child — born out prior to their marriage — is their son Max, who came into the world on March 22, 2011. A few years later, the couple’s daughter, Carey, was born on October 27, 2014.

The Corden family initially residing in the UK, made the move to the US when Corden landed his position on The Late Late Show. Although Corden cannot make any promises that his broad will live in America permanently, he knew it was an opportunity he couldn’t pass up.

Corden spoke to The Big Issue on December 21, 2015 about the long distance move and how it’s impacted his family. However, although he acknowledged that distance from his relatives can be tough at times, he’s home more often than he would be making movies.

“We are a long way from grandparents, aunties, uncles and friends. It’s tough. But I am home much more than if I was making a film.”

The Late Late Night host added — with complete confidence — that he don’t foresee either of his children having any daddy issues.

“I feel very conscious that my children are only going to be young once. And, as far as anyone can tell, no one ends up on a therapist chair saying: “May dad was around too much giving me too many cuddles. My big worry is for my daughter. I worry she is not going to know life in Britain.”

2. Corden & Carey Were Introduced to Each Other By Actor Dominic Cooper

James Corden Wife, James Cordon Family, James Corden Kids

James Corden (left) and Dominic Cooper (right) attend the BAFTA Los Angeles TV Tea Party on January 10, 2015 in Beverly Hills, California. (Getty)

In September 2009, Corden and Carey were introduced by Corden’s former housemate, Dominic Cooper and continued hitting it off from that moment on.

According to a Daily Mail source on January 18, 2010, Corden seemed very happy when he first began Carey after a recent breakup. Prior to meeting his future Mrs., Corden split with actress Sheridan Smith.

“It’s obvious he has a type. Sheridan and Julia look very similar. They’re both pretty blonde girls. Things are going very well. James seems really happy again. Julia works in TV so she doesn’t think it’s a big deal that James is a star. She just likes him for who he is.”

The site reported that Corden’s “string of dates” with Carey in the early months helped power him through his heartache.

3. He Credited His Wife for His Tony Awards Win

After accepting a Best Actor Award for his role in the Broadway play One Man, Two Guvners, Corden — while holding back tears — made it no secret as to who he felt was responsible for his success.

“My girlfriend Julia gave birth to our son five days before we started rehearsals. She’s my baby mama and I can’t wait to marry her. Seriously, I would not be holding this if it wasn’t for her. She made me say ‘us’ instead of ‘I’ and ‘we’ instead of ‘me’ and I love her. Thank you very much.”

4. They Married in a Lavish UK Wedding With Several Celebrity Guests

On September 17, Corden and Carey sealed their holy union at Babington House — pictured above — in the UK., a 32-bedroom state home-turned into a private hotel. Carey — with her blonde locks up with a veil — donned a lace Monique Lhullier gown and Corden sported a dapper navy suit by Spencer Heart along with a white rose on his left lapel. The groom arrived in a helicopter.

Corden and Carey were serendaded by Snow Patrol’s lead singer, Gary Lightbody. Former radio DJ Chris Moyles and hip-hop artists Rizzle Kicks also performed for the couple.

Celebrity guests present for the nuptials included Cooper, Lara Stone, Matt Smith, David Williams, Jimmy Carr and Natalie Imbruglia. The couple got engaged on Christmas Day 2010.

Interesting enough, Daily Mail reported that “a handful of regulars” at Babington were left upset when they were informed they weren’t able to use the facilities due to the star’s wedding.

5. They Sought Advice From David Beckham On How to Raise Their Kids in LA

Although they had lived in New York, Corden — in a video above on friend David Beckham Instagram page — and his family were forced to leave the UK once again in order for him to host The Late Late Show, which he took over from Ferguson in March 2015.

In December 2014, James told The Sun that he and his wife sought advice from their close pal Beckham on how to bring up their children in LA while maintaining their “British sensibility.”

James was also looking forward to living closer to his pal, Lightbody.

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Mary Alexander

Thoroughly enjoyed this year’s Tony awards and Corden’s performances etc. At the very end of the show, the Left Wing agenda surfaced with an insulting tweet
about Donald Trump, as a moron! #1.Can’t you left wingers let it go for one time? #2James Cordon is NOT an American citizen and has no business insulting a candidate
for President on national tv as part of “entertainment”. Many other Brits have lost their audiences while living in the USA and bashing American political candidates.
James Corden has lost my interest following his insult to American politics.


I am an American citizen and Trump is the wrong choice for America. We also have free speech so James is able to say whatever he would like. Funny, Trump doesn’t care who he insults.


you didn’t ‘thoroughly’ enjoy this year’s tony awards. you ‘mostly’ enjoyed them. if you thoroughly enjoyed them…you’d not be writing your little post. and…everyone is entitled to their opinion. it’s just that…an opinion. politicians…members of the judicial and legal system…and members of the news media should not voice their opinions in public…as they tend to sway other’s thinking a bit too much…and don’t come across as neutral and unbiased. however…an entertainer has every right to express themselves. as for not being qualified to comment on an issue…because in this case they’re not citizens…on that same note…straights shouldn’t be able to comment on gay issues…whites shouldn’t be able to comment on black issues…and men shouldn’t be able to comment on women’s issues. so…in my opinion…your comment is stupid.


Wow, you’re stuck in a tight little box with your “should” and “shouldn’t” rules. Whew. Must be stuffy in there.

Terry Ray Anderson

That Trumpy “thin skin” is showing; the world is insulting Trump as a candidate (I voted Republican in the primary but I won’t be in November for that Poseur in Conservatives clothing), so why shouldn’t Corden? If he was saying the same about Shrillery you’d be all up in it! I SERIOUSLY doubt he’ll lose his audience or his popularity in the UK because he dissed Herr Trump and probably gained some. I know I’ll continue watching, but I don’t have my GOP blinders on in regards to that moron. We could have had Kasich, we could have had Bush, we could have had Rubio, but NOOOOO, we had to pick this low hanging comedic fruit and you’re getting bent out of shape because it gets picked?!? Hell, Cruz was Magna Cum Laude at Harvard, and now he sold out for Trump now too; your and his reaction shows that Vichy France wasn’t the only nation to suck up to a madman!


@mary alexander. i agree with you. james corden’s humor is very one-sided (always to the left) & it irks me too. on a side note, this article actually had a lot of interesting info @ his family…stuff that i didn’t know until reading them in this article. it was good journalistic research. i now feel bad that i just made two harsh comments about the author having typos :( i’m having a bad day & was taking my dislike of corden’s one-sided politics out on the author. *MY APOLOGIES* for those two comments…please ignore them.


The correct spelling is ‘veil’. Not vail! Good Lord. Don’t you have spell check over there?


@rachel – there are so many other “typos”. perhaps the “author” was high when he wrote this? haha