‘The Young and the Restless’ (Y&R) Spoilers: Will Victor & Ian Team Up?

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The latest The Young and the Restless indicate that Victor (Eric Braeden) — back in the state penitentiary — assures Ian (Ray Wise) that he isn’t going to cower from a threat. Meanwhile, Ian insists that he wasn’t involved in Victor’s stabbing.

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Read on to see what lies ahead on Y&R. Thursday’s episode trailer can be watched below.

Ian Insists He Wasn’t Behind Victor’s Stabbing

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Victor — pictured above after being stabbed — doesn’t buy that Ian wasn’t behind the attack on him.

Things haven’t exactly been easy for Victor. First he gets betrayed by his family and now he finds himself under the constant threat of prison violence. On Wednesday, Victor requested that Adam (Justin Hartley) — as an owed favor to him — seek revenge on Ian for his stabbing. Adam’s predicament has been a severe cause for concern for Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan), who’s at her wits end with her husband.

On Thursday, Victor comes face-to-face with Ian, who’s suprised to see him back in the state pen. Victor tells Ian that — unlike him — he isn’t one to run from a threat. In response, Ian says he wasn’t behind Victor’s stabbing, telling him “You have my word.” Ian says that they must work as a team to uncover the person’s identity. Victor laughs.

Meanwhile, Victor thinks that Adam bought into his plan. However, he informs Victoria (Amelia Heinle) that while he’s not looking to do Victor’s dirty work, she should prep herself for the likelihood of Victor not making it out of prison alive. Victoria’s stunned that Adam has such little regard for Newman Enterprises.

Will Victor team up with Ian, or continue trying to get revenge on him? Also, will Adam be able to steer clear of any involvement with Newman Enterprises for his family’s sake? Stay tuned.

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