Ivy Levan as Usherette Trixie – ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’ 2016

Ivy Levan as Usherette Trixie

The stunning Ivy Levan appears as Usherette Trixie in the 2016 Rocky Horror Picture Show and she has taken on a very important part. In the original film, the song "Science Fiction Double Picture" is delivered by a pair of lips, belonging to the actress who played the character "Magenta." Instead of this, Levan was brought on as a breakout star to open and close the show. The production's costume designer spoke with E! News about the look they were going for with Levan, explaining: At first it was going to be a goth lady who had discovered a uniform from the ‘40s and goth-ized it. And then we got Ivy Levan and the goth went out the window. She's so sexy. There's a famous painting by Edward Hopper of an usherette in a movie theater in the '40s, late '30s. I am referencing that image, except she was in trousers and I made a micro miniskirt. So, who is Levan? Levan is a model, singer and actress, most known for her song "Biscuit." Get to know more about the star and the Rocky Horror Picture Show remake by clicking through her best photos from the production. (©2016 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Steve Wilkie/FOX)