M. Lamar, Laverne Cox’s Identical Twin Brother: The Photos You Need to See

While everyone knows transgender actress Laverne Cox for her role as Sophia Burset on the hit Netflix series, Orange Is the New Black, not everyone knows that she has an identical twin brother. That's right, Cox has a twin brother who is a musician and artist. What's more? Cox's brother, who goes by M. Lamar, played his sister's character on OITNB before transitioning. M. Lamar may not be an actor, but he certainly had us fooled! Many "really butch black men" auditioned for the role, but once casting got wind that Cox had a twin, they asked him to audition. He got the part. (Twitter/wizDOM)

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Christy Welch
Christy Welch
23 days ago

All male/female twins are fraternal (meaning two eggs and two sperm). They are not genetically the same because males are XY and females are XX. Can they look almost identical? Sure. But they are stll not identical twins. Identical twins are made out of one egg and one sperm that went a little gung-ho and separated into two embryos, then two people. That means they are both XX or they are both XY. Sorry charlie … Fraternal Twins are NOT IDENTICAL. Do more research before you write. Thanks! :-) <3

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