Does Bryce Die in ’13 Reasons Why’?

Does Bryce die on 13 Reasons Why?

Netflix Does Bryce die on 13 Reasons Why?

If you’re reading this, then you probably haven’t finished Season 2 of 13 Reasons Why, but you’re really hoping that Bryce will die this season. Does Bryce die? We’re going to answer your question in the next paragraph first, and then go into the details about what happened in Season 2 below. So just read the next paragraph to get your answer, and then read on if you’re OK with major spoilers about Bryce. We’ll warn you before we spoil you about the rest of Season 2, beyond what happens to Bryce.

Warning: Spoilers for Season 2.

We’re sorry to disappoint you, but NO, Bryce does not die in Season 2 of 13 Reasons Why. By the end of the season, he’s alive and well. His life was threatened, but he made it out of everything just fine. He didn’t even end up in the hospital.

Now for spoilers about what happened to Bryce in Season 2. 

In Season 2, Bryce continued to harass the female students at Liberty. We didn’t see a new rape, but we learned that he raped a lot more women than we had any idea. In fact, Bryce and some of his jock friends apparently had a club house on school property where they would take the female students, take Polaroid photos of them, and then rape them. There was even a photo that showed him raping his unconscious girlfriend Chloe.

Jessica and Justin both eventually came forward, revealing that Bryce had raped Jessica while she was drunk and passed out. But they couldn’t convince Chloe to testify against him, and Chloe ended up getting back together with him. Because of Jessica and Justin’s testimony, Bryce was put on trial. But the judge only sentenced him to three months probation, and Bryce was going to spend his senior year transferred to a private school. He still planned to play football, and he was going to have to repeat a year of school because not all his credits would transfer. As a result, he’ll be graduating when Zach is graduating, and it looks like he’ll be around in some capacity in Season 3.

Clay almost killed Bryce. At one point, he showed up at Bryce’s home ready to kill him, with Hannah’s tape about Bryce’s rape running through his head. But Justin stopped him from shooting Bryce or shooting himself.

Read on for major spoilers about other characters in Season 2. 

So Bryce was just fine. He even went to the spring dance and as hanging out with his buddies. But one of his friends, Monty, turned just as evil in his own way. He appeared to be co-dependent on Bryce and was doing his dirty work for him, whether he wanted it or not. Monty started sending threats to students to try to stop them from testifying against Bryce or the school. And he eventually raped Tyler in a bathroom.

Some viewers thought there would be a school shooting and Bryce might die then, but a school shooting was averted at the very end.

So Bryce is alive and well. We will likely see more of him in the third season (if the show is renewed.) But we might not see quite as much, since he will be attending another school, depending on when Season 3 resumes.