Madisson’s New Boyfriend Ish on ‘Siesta Key’

Instagram Madison Hausberg and Ismael "Ish" Soto

Madisson Hausberg is one of several cast members returning to Siesta Key with a new boyfriend. She’s dating a man named Ismael “Ish” Soto, who is two decades her senior and used to be a producer on the series. Madisson’s MTV bio states that she fell in love with “Ish” between seasons, but she remains nervous about how the cast will react to him.

Ismael “Ish” Soto is a television producer who has worked on such hit shows as Big Brother, Kitchen Nightmares and The Amazing Race. He was an executive on the first season of Siesta Key, but he left the series to head up The Curse of Oak Island on the History Channel. You can click here to check out the rest of his small screen credits.

Madisson Is Dating Former ‘Siesta Key’ Producer Ish Soto

Ish, 46, and Madisson, 25, reconnected at some point during the fall, but they did not make their relationship public until 2020. The couple cuddled up for a photo on New Year’s Day, and Madisson posted another photo of them kissing on her Instagram with the caption, “Thank you all so much for your kindness and support. It means the world to me. I love you all.”

Madisson discussed the romance with Chloe Trautman during a season 3 sneak peek. She let slip that she’s been seeing someone, and when Chloe asks if it’s someone she knows, the reality star drops the news: “I’m dating our producer Ish. Do you remember him from season 1?” Chloe grabs her face in shock. “He’s your boyfriend? I’m gonna freak the f–k out,” she said. “This is nuts.”

Madisson has a complicated romantic history on Siesta Key. She dated Brandon Gomes during the first season of the show, and she re-connected with her college boyfriend Ben Riney, but she ultimately fell into a love triangle that resulted in her leaving both of them.

Madisson Said It Was ‘Difficult’ to Reveal Her New Boyfriend to the Rest of the Cast

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Gomes talked to Us Weekly about Madisson’s current relationship, and the past mistakes he made in trying to win her back. “I don’t really know too much exactly about the relationship, but as long as she’s happy, then I’m happy,” he stated. “We’re definitely cool. I’m definitely not going to do what I did last time, you know? I don’t really let things sit on my conscious too much and I don’t really have any hate in my heart. So I just let it dissolve how it did and you know, I’m happy she’s happy now.”

Madisson has not spilled any more details about Siesta Key, but she did tell Elite Daily that it’s going to be a nerve-racking season. “It was a very difficult thing for me to come out with, because I was so afraid of the criticism I would get when I came out to my friends and family,” she said. “My relationship was scary to bring to the group.”

Madisson and Ish are still together.

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