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Instagram "Life After Lockup" airs Friday nights at 9/8c on WE tv.

Life After LockupWE tv’s hit reality spinoff to Love After Lockup, follows seven couples from the original series as they navigate their relationships and lives following one (or both) partners’ release from prison. The current season has been packed full of drama, scandals and fights, which has us questioning who will stay together in the end, and who will go their separate ways.

Season 2 of the spinoff features several fan-favorite couples, including Megan, Michael and Sarah (and now Maria), Andrea and Lamar, Clint and TracieCheryl and Josh, Marcelino and Brittany, Lacey, John and Shane, and Angela and Tony.

Although contractual obligations likely stop the reality stars from revealing too much in terms of their current relationship status while the show is still airing, we’ve got a few ideas on who we think will last, and who we know is still together today. Read on for our Life After Lockup couples predictions:

Andrea & Lamar

Andrea and Lamar have faced a variety of obstacles this season regarding Andrea’s faith. Lamar isn’t a fan of the Mormon religion, and Andrea has been insisting he practice Mormonism alongside her, which has caused some serious tension and growing issues between the two. Although they’ve had a few ups and downs this season, Andrea and Lamar have overcome worse, and the two appear to be genuinely in love with one another, so we think they will last beyond filming.

Clint & Tracie

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A post shared by Clint Brady (@clintbradyloveafterlockup) on Apr 11, 2019 at 7:53pm PDT

Clint and Tracie have a seriously rocky relationship, fraught with plenty of violent arguments, several stints in prison and an on-again-off-again drug habit. Although Clint has been struggling to stick by Tracie’s side through all of their issues, we believe the two will stay together in the end and continue working through the toxicity that is their relationship. These two are volatile when together, but they seem to be able to make it work. Judging by their Instagram pages, the two are still together today, at least for the time being.

Cheryl & Josh

Josh and Cheryl Are DONE | Life After LockupJosh and Cheryl call it quits. Watch Life after Lockup Fridays at 9/8c! #LifeAfterLockup Subscribe to the WE tv channel for more clips: Like on Facebook: Follow on Twitter: WE tv Instagram: Official Site: Couples from "Love After Lockup" face parole, restrictions and temptations in "Life After Lockup." Will they…2020-02-21T23:00:07.000Z

Cheryl and Josh split up last year, but the two were attempting to work through their issues and rebuild their relationship during this season of the show. However, the reality stars just couldn’t get on the same page when it came to their relationship and how to deal with Josh’s mom, and the two inevitably called it quits in the clip above. We have serious doubts that Cheryl and Josh will get back together off camera, but stranger things have happened.

Marcelino & Brittany

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Happy Saint Patrick's Day! ?????

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Marcelino and Brittany have faced a plethora of issues throughout their entire relationship; from issues with Brittany’s criminal past, to Marcelino’s controlling ways, the two have overcome plenty of obstacles and somehow always seem to be better in the end. We have no doubt that these two will stay together beyond the parameters of the show, and will likely even add another baby or two to the mix in the near future. Despite the problems highlighted on the show, we believe these two were meant for each other.

Lacey, Shane & John

Lacey, her husband Shane, and her lover/ex-boyfriend/paramour John are giving Michael, Megan and Sarah a run for their money with the most dramatic love triangle of the season. Shane admitted to cheating on Lacey shortly before the two were married, and in turn, Lacey reached out to John for comfort. Although the reality star has repeatedly gone back and forth between the two men over the course of both seasons she appeared on, we believe Lacey will stick it out with Shane in the end, and social media suggests the two are still together today.

Michael & Sarah & Megan & Maria

Michael, his baby mama/wife Sarah, his mistress Megan, and his girlfriend Maria are all featured on the current season of the show, although we are having a hard time keeping up with the drama. Michael is still bouncing around between all four women, leading each of them on in his own way, and for some reason, they all keep falling for his BS. We honestly can’t understand why any of them would continue putting up with what he puts them through, and we hope that each of these ladies sees him for the lying, cheating, unfaithful man he is and leaves him in the dust. However, we don’t expect that to happen any time soon, at least not from Sarah, who shares two children with Michael. Hopefully Maria and Megan will kick him to the curb soon, and Sarah will move on and just retain a co-parenting relationship with Michael, but we seriously doubt it will go down like that.

Angela & Tony

Angela and Tony have had a rocky, tumultuous relationship throughout the last few seasons of the show, and although they’ve had to overcome cheating scandals and issues with Tony’s parole, the two appear to always come out stronger in the end. The two were actually married in November, 2019, so we have no doubt that they will stick it out for a few more years.

Life After Lockup airs Friday nights at 9 p.m. ET on WE tv. In the meantime, you can find all the latest in TV coverage and entertainment news here.

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