Does Lacey Choose John or Shane on Love After Lockup?

Love After Lockup

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Lacey, 29, stars on the hit reality series Love After Lockup and is involved in a love triangle with two men – her high school sweetheart John, 33, who is serving time for felony possession of a firearm, and another inmate named Shane, 21.

“John doesn’t know about Shane, and Shane has no idea about John,” she said on an earlier episode of the show. “I’m afraid that if Shane finds out that I’m engaged that he might not want to meet me. But, in the meantime, the ring comes on and off pretty easily.”

Fans of Love After Lockup are no strangers to love triangles on the show; viewers are already familiar with Michael, Megan and Sarah, who featured on the first half of season 2 and whose love triangle left viewers scrambling to keep up the entire time they featured on the reality series.

The show’s ongoing love triads continue to leave fans with one burning question: who do the reality stars choose in the end? Does Lacey choose John, her high school boyfriend, or Shane, the handsome, younger inmate who she is clearly smitten with?

Here’s what we know about Lacey, John and Shane’s love story:

Lacey Accepted a Proposal From John Before She Started Dating Shane

The Beauty to His Beast! 🌹| Love After LockupLacey meets her hottie Shane for the first time. Watch Love After Lockup Fridays at 9/8C! #LoveAfterLockup Subscribe to the WE tv channel for more clips: Like on Facebook: Follow on Twitter: WE tv Instagram: Official Site: Love After Lockup is back to explore new shocking and revealing stories of…2019-08-30T22:00:12Z

According to Lacey, she and John met in high school and briefly dated. They broke up and didn’t talk for “many many years,” before they hooked back up a little over a year ago. They dated for a few weeks before he got locked up, and she accepted a proposal from John before he went to prison, so the two are actually engaged on the show.

Although John is Lacey’s “main” man on Love After Lockup, viewers finally got to meet one of her other two love interests during a recent episode of the show: her boyfriend Shane. Lacey drove seven hours to pick up Shane after his release from prison and the couple seemed to immediately hit it off.

“I am getting butterflies in my stomach right now waiting to finally meet Shane,” Lacey said on the show. “When Shane walks out, it will be the first time that we’ve ever seen each other in person. My first impression of Shane when I saw his picture was, ‘Oh my god, He is so sexy.’ I hope that he’s even better looking than the picture and I hoping when he sees me, he likes what he sees.”

She continued: “Shane is very outgoing and sweet, Shane is very affectionate, he is funny, romantic, and he could possibly be the guy that I’ve been looking for.” Shane also mentioned that Lacey might be “the one” and that he was in love with her.

Lacey Eventually Chooses Shane & The Two Are Now Married

According to Starcasm, Lacey chooses Shane in the end and the two actually tied the knot earlier this summer. The couple officially married in a beach wedding ceremony held on July 20, according to the publication. You can check out pictures of their nuptials here.

According to Shane’s Facebook page, the two got engaged a couple months before their wedding on May 13, and Lacey bought a house just a few short weeks after marrying Shane. She recently posted a teaser on Instagram encouraging fans to tune in tonight to the catch the newest episode of the show.

“Tune in tomorrow night to watch a brand NEW episode,” she wrote on the post above. “Find out if Shane gets the ? or will I stay faithful to John?”

Tune in Fridays at 9/8c on WE tv to catch the newest episode of Love After Lockup, and see how Lacey and John’s (and Shane’s) love story plays out on the reality series.

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