Are Megan and Michael Still Together on Love After Lockup?

Love After Lockup

WeTV/YouTube The Megan, Michael and Sarah triad has been a whirlwind of drama from the start.

Are Megan and Michael still together on Love After Lockup, or is Sarah back in the picture? During the latest episode of the show, Michael was planning to end things with Megan, but the episode ended before he got that far, so as of the latest episode, fans are still left wondering if Michael went through with the breakup or not.

“I’ve never been in a situation like this. I’ve got to tell you something,” Michael told her before the episode ended.

Michael was already conflicted about ending things with Megan to be with Sarah, his actual wife and the mother of his daughter, because he claimed to love both of them. Michael’s mother came to visit shortly before he went to pick Megan up from the airport (she bought a one-way ticket to come visit him in New York), and his mom insisted that Michael ditch Megan and try to make things work with his wife Sarah.

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Sarah had brought Michael’s daughter in to visit Michael on Father’s Day, and apparently thought things were going great with Michael, while Megan recently gave up her virginity to Michael, and was desperate to spend more time with her beau and get to know his daughter and family.

“I’m trying to figure everything out. I love Sarah. I’ve been with her for six years. I think I’m at the phase where, like, I make a lot of excuses for why I do what I do. My intention is never to hurt her,” Michael told his mom, who then insisted he should make things work with Sarah.

The Michael-Sarah-Megan love triangle has left viewers scrambling to try to keep up with the drama for some time. Michael had apparently married the mother of his daughter in secret in October, 2017, but was still dating Megan the virgin, with neither of the women knowing about the other. Although the latest episode of Love After Lockup cuts off before Michael ends things with Megan, it was reported that he did in fact leave her to try to make things work with Sarah, according to this article by SoapDirt. However, that turned out to be false, according to Sarah, who posted about Michael and Megan’s relationship on social media last week.

SoapDirt reported that, after Michael allegedly “dumped” Megan, she went on a weight-loss journey and inevitably lost 70 pounds. Fans of the show believe she is trying to “win Michael back,” although there has been no evidence that she is trying to get back together with him, or that the two ever split up at all.

Following the February 22 episode of Love After Lockup, Sarah actually confirmed on social media that Megan and Michael are still together, writing in all caps: “MEGAN AND MICHAEL ARE TOGETHER YES.” She also mentioned that Michael “faked” their relationship for seven years, and that she deserves better. Michael is apparently taking a break from social media for the time being, so he hasn’t weighed in on the issue, but according to SoapDirt, Sarah definitely jumped online to confirm that Megan and Michael are still together.

Megan and Michael did look like they split up for a short while, with Megan posting very few pictures of Michael on social media, but the two have apparently reconciled, at least according to Sarah. Although, knowing Michael and his infatuation with women, which makes it “difficult for him to stay loyal to one girl,” that could very well change in the near future.

The entire love triangle still has viewers guessing who he is going to choose, although it looks like he picked Megan for the time being. What do you think about the Megan-Michael-Sarah triad? Let us know in the comments below, and tune in tonight for the latest episode of Love After Lockup on WeTV at 9/8c.

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