Lacey & John on ‘Love After Lockup’

Lacey and John, Love After Lockup

Instagram/WE tv Lacey and John, stars of the hit reality series "Love After Lockup," are featured on the second half of season 2. Here's what we know about the couple.

Lacey, 29, stars on the second half of Love After Lockup‘s season 2, and is already giving Michael, Megan and Sarah a run for their money with her own little love triangle. Lacey was dating her old high school sweetheart John, 33, for several weeks before he was locked up, and even accepted a proposal from him shortly after he went to prison for possession of firearms.

However, Lacey has also been dating another inmate named Shane while John sits out his prison sentence. Here’s what we know about Lacey and John (and Shane) on Love After Lockup:

Lacey is a Cam Girl Who Has a History of Dating Inmates

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Lacey is currently a “cam model,” which she says gives her the opportunity to “support her children and live a comfortable lifestyle” from home. Blasting News reports that Lacey has also done some work as an adult cam star in the past via the site Chaturbate. Lacey went by the name “Kaci Kash” when she worked through Chaturbate, according to Blasting News.

The reality star has a history with dating inmates, and says that her ex-husband, who she shares her three children with, was also in prison.

“My relationship history goes like this … I dated this guy Wesley, and Wesley ended up getting locked up and sent to prison,” she tells the cameras in the clip above. “Shortly after that I met my ex-husband and we had three beautiful children together. Right after that, he got locked up. And then when I was going through my divorce with my ex-husband, I started falling in love with John.”

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According to Lacey, she and John met in high school and briefly dated. They broke up and didn’t talk for “many many years,” before they hooked back up a little over a year ago. They dated for a few weeks before he got locked up, although he proposed to Lacey shortly before he went to prison and she accepted.

In the clip above, Lacey’s father mentions that she is only into the kind of guys that “you don’t want to bring home to mom and dad.” He doesn’t approve of John and doesn’t think he should be around the kids with his history of drug and alcohol abuse, and when he tells Lacey that he doesn’t think John should be around her children, she gets made and tells him “you’re f–king pissing me off.”

John Was Arrested for Selling Cocaine to an Undercover Officer & Then Again for Felony Possession of a Firearm

When he is first introduced on the show, John tells the cameras that he was arrested in 2017 for selling cocaine to an undercover police officer, but was released shortly after. However, two weeks later, he was arrested again for possessing a firearm.

“Lacey was the only person I had to talk to and I love Lacey,” he says through a visitation window. “I love her a lot.”

She mentions to her father in the clip above that John will be living with her and the kids when he is released from prison, and her father isn’t too happy about it.

“You just need to grow up and think about your kids,” he tells her on the show. “You’re gonna bring some guy from jail up in here. We’ll all be in handcuffs walking down the aisle. We’ll all have handcuffs and go to probation every week.”

She Has Also Been Seeing Another Inmate Named Shane

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According to In Touch Weekly, Lacey is also dating another inmate named Shane, who is set to be released a few weeks before John. However, neither man knows about the other, and Lacey is struggling to figure out who to break the news that she is seeing two different men.

“John doesn’t know about Shane, and Shane has no idea about John,” she says in the clip above. “I’m afraid that if Shane finds out that I’m engaged that he might not want to meet me. But, in the meantime, the ring comes on and off pretty easily.”

Shane is the one in this promo that Lacey can be seen hugging when he gets out of prison. Shane is also likely the same man that John confronts Lacey about in the promo, asking her if she “went and had sex with another dude,” to which she responds “I didn’t f–k him.”

Tune in Fridays at 9/8c on WE tv to catch the newest episode of Love After Lockup, and see how Lacey and John’s (and Shane’s) love story plays out.

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