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Love After Lockup

Instagram Tracie and Clint are featuring on the "Love After Lockup" spinoff titled "Life After Lockup." The couple is still together and going strong, judging by social media.

Tracie Wagaman and Clint Brady, stars of the hit WE tv reality series Love After Lockup, are still together and going strong, judging by Tracie’s Instagram page. The two are featuring on the series spinoff series Life After Lockup and have been keeping themselves busy while waiting for tonight’s premiere.

For those new to the series, Tracie and Clint took part in the second season of the show, and are probably one of the most discussed couples on the show. The two met for the first time when Tracie was released from prison, got hitched the very next day at a Houston saloon, and within 24 hours, Tracie allegedly went on a “motherf–king crack binge” and disappeared with Clint’s rental car.

Should Clint Take Tracie Back?! | Love After LockupTracie has finally been released from prison and is hoping Clint will pick her up and take her home! But, will Clint actually show up? #LoveAfterLockup Subscribe to the #WEtv channel for more clips: Like on Facebook: Follow on Twitter: WE tv Instagram: Official Site: Couples finally meet their fiancé…2019-03-09T00:07:38Z

The couple is back and crazier than ever, according to the promo trailer for Life After Lockup. According to WE tv, the Life After Lockup spinoff “follows five returning couples who fans have grown to know and love—or love to hate—as they face parole restrictions, temptation, and turbulence in their lives outside of prison walls. Will these troubled lovebirds break old habits with the support of their loved ones? Or will they break the rules and land back in the clink?”

During the new spinoff series, Clint and Tracie visit Las Vegas and are celebrating an unknown special occasion. The two are seen popping a bottle of champagne before heading out on the town. Another clip shows the two discussing whether or not Clint was going to introduce her to his mother, who can be seen in another clip telling Clint that he needs to draw the line with Tracie and stop giving her chances.

However, it appears Clint does decide to introduce her to his mother, who Tracie is worried about meeting. “I worry a lot that if his mother doesn’t accept me, then our marriage won’t work.” Ironically, she is voicing over a clip of her and Clint in a massive blowout fight, where she’s screaming at Clint and he’s kicking holes in a door that she just slammed in his face. Another scene shows Tracie telling Clint to “go back to [his] f–king whore,” so it looks like there was some trouble in paradise, at least while they were filming the spinoff.

Your Favorite Couples Return | Life After Lockup! 🚨❤️5 Love After Lockup couples face parole, restrictions & temptations in Life After Lockup—will they break the rules or break old habits? From new jobs, new children & family drama, the stakes have never been higher in the fight to stay free! Life After Lockup premieres June 14 at 9/8c! #LifeAfterLockup Subscribe to the #WEtv…2019-05-17T20:53:17Z

Aside from the drama seen in the promo, the couple appear to be quite happy; Tracie often posts pictures of the two of them together on social media. A recent picture shows the couple at a radio interview in Albuquerque, while another shows them decked out in baseball gear and on their way to a Rangers game.

Some fans have been wondering if Tracie still has a drug problem because she has lost so much weight, and some have accused her of continuing to smoke crack in the comments of her photos, although it’s not clear at this time if she is still using. Earlier this year, SoapDirt reported that a crack pipe was visible in the background of a picture Tracie posted when she was trying to sell her wedding ring (during one of their many breakups), but the couple appear to be back on track and going strong now.

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Headed to the Rangers game!

A post shared by Tracie Wagaman (@tracie.loveafterlockup) on May 19, 2019 at 8:42pm PDT

Aside from selling some furniture online, Tracie has been keeping busy trying to trademark one of Clint’s most famous catchphrases – “Motherf–king Crack.”

Tune in tonight at 9/8c to catch the series premiere of Love After Lockup: Life After Lockup, only on WE tv.

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