Zak Bagans Investigates the Cincinnati Sedamsville Rectory on Ghost Adventures

Ghost Adventures

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Tonight on Travel Channel’s Ghost AdventuresZak Bagans and the crew investigate the Cincinnati Sedamsville Rectory, which has been plagued by a violent, demonic entity.

Sedamsville is a small community with a population of just over 1500 people according to WCPO Cincinnati. The town is mostly known for being the home to one of the most haunted houses in America: the Sedamsville Rectory.

The rectory was built in 1891 to accommodate the growing parish, and the parish closed in 1989.

The ‘Ghost Adventures’ Crew Investigated the Sedamsville Rectory

As part of the Ghost Adventures adventure into the rectory, they called in Father Jack Ashcraft to bless the property and perform an exorcism, though he has since said it wasn’t as dramatic as the show made it sound.

“When I was called in, I went there to do a blessing on the property… it’s not as simple as these TV shows make it out to be,” he said. He also said that demonic forces usually respond to house blessings, but nothing of note happened during his time in the rectory other than a strange sulphuric smell.

“Smell can come from anywhere, anything. I do not believe anything is going on in that property at all,” he said.

Some paranormal investigators disagree, with some mentioning hearing voices on a “Ghostbox” and getting scratches on their faces or backs. One ghost hunter said that he received a mysterious scratch in the form of a cross while investigating.

The Rectory is a Hot Spot for Paranormal Investigation

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Locals who have lived in the rectory have promoted it as a hot spot for investigations, but others who have lived there have said they did not experience anything paranormal.

Chris Caine told WCPO Cincinnati that he lived in the rectory from June 2006 to May 2007 and didn’t experience anything paranormal, but he knew that locals appreciate the spooky reputation around the rectory.

“They like being recognized because it always seems as if we are the forgotten neighborhood,” said Caine. “People talk about the rectory all the time. The longtime residents would like to see the rectory and church be developed and become ‘alive’ once again.”

The rectory has been featured on Ghost Adventures, Haunted Collector, My Ghost Story, and it was voted the number one fan-favorite episode for the Travel Channel Halloween Marathon in 2015. The rectory began getting renovated by the Midwest Preservation Society in 2011.

The plan for the rectory is to embrace the haunted reputation and turn it into an :Airbnb in hopes that renovating will help residents of the small town get back to their history of being a popular neighborhood.

“I’m not going to believe any ghost stories until one comes up and bites me,” said John Klosterman, who purchased the building alongside the church in 1995 with plans to rent out the properties. “But if people want to stay here and bring their Ouija boards, that’s fine with me. It’s up to their imagination.”

Ghost Adventures airs on the Travel Channel at 8 p.m. on Tuesday nights.

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