‘Cat Cafe’ Trends on Twitter after Overwatch’s New Map Announcement

Overwatch's Cat Cafe

Overwatch Overwatch's Cat Cafe

The term “cat cafe” is trending on Twitter today after Overwatch revealed a new map — Kanezaka — that is going to include a cat cafe. Here’s a look at what you can expect in the cat cafe.

‘Overwatch’ Announced That a New Free-for-All Map Includes ‘Cat Cafes’

The announcement was made in an official Overwatch tweet, which included a short clip showing the new cat cafe.

The tweet first lists the following locations on the map: “Picturesque view, rich history, seedy nightclub, cat cafe.” Then the tweet continues: “What are you waiting for? Kanezaka, Overwatch’s newest Free-For-All map, is now testing on the PTR!”

Kanezaka is a Deathmatch map next to Hanamura, Comicbook.com reported. If you have access to PTR, you can check out the map.

Overwatch wrote about the map in its patch notes: “Fight for your life in a thrilling battlefield of alleyways, ancient stone, towering steel, and cat cafes. Shatter your enemy’s dreams in the pottery shop, deliver beatdowns in the Tora no Sumika nightclub, or rise above the competition in the tower at the center of the city.”

Of note is Overwatch’s using the term “cat cafes” in its description, indicating that there will be more than one cat cafe in the game.

Here’s a Video & Photo of the Cat Cafe

People are already sharing excited tweets about the news, along with photos and videos of the cat cafe. The video below from Andy Bohan shows Cat Cafe music in Kanezaka.

Cat Cafe Music in Kanezaka – New Overwatch Maptwitter.com/andygmb12020-12-16T19:26:48Z

The video also shows the cat cafe from the outside and then what it looks like on the inside. He also tweeted the following photo of the cafe.

Additional Videos Reveal a Map of the Cat Cafe’s Location

Stylosa also shared this video exploring the map and where the cat cafe is located.

Overwatch CAT CAFE MAP! Kanezaka NEW MAP!OVERWATCH CAT CAFE MAP! PTR Patch notes – us.forums.blizzard.com/en/overwatch/t/overwatch-ptr-patch-notes-%E2%80%93-december-16-2020/572877 👉 My NEW Stylosa Plays channel! bit.ly/StylosaChannel 👉 Twitter twitter.com/stylosa 👉 Insta instagram.com/stylosa 👉 Discord JOIN NOW! discord.gg/stylosa 👉 PATREON CAMPAIGN! patreon.com/unitlost 👉 Twitch twitch.tv/stylosa2020-12-16T19:30:00Z

The video stops at a map of Kanezaka, which indicates the cat cafe’s location. Just pause at 2:20 in the video above to see the map. So from this, it looks like there’s just one cat cafe despite the Overwatch patch note.

YouTube/StylosaStylosa’s screenshot of the cat cafe.

Stylosa reaches the cat cafe at about 7:22 in his video above, so you’ll definitely want to watch the video to see the walkthrough.

Blame the Controller — Overwatch also shared a video of the cat cafe. He reaches the cat cafe at 6:11 below.

Overwatch New Map Kanezaka – Cat Cafe!Overwatch New Map Kanezaka with Cat Cafe has been added to the overwatch PTR. Now ready to play on overwatch PTRfor FFA matches 🔶 Get Sweet Merch and Gear teespring.com/stores/blame-the-controller 💥 My Custom Adventure Map for Minecraft is now available in the OFFICIAL Minecraft Store! Get Kingdom of the Sky now! minecraft.net/en-us/pdp/?id=5db7461a-9774-4d10-b76d-7587f4a13acb ⭐️ Check out…2020-12-16T20:00:51Z

Many people are sharing jokes about the cat cafe because they’re really excited about the new addition.

For some, it’s an exciting new Christmas gift.

Some people are concerned we won’t see actual cats in the cat cafe.

On Reddit, one person suggested: “Ok hear me out: You approach the cat, you play your ‘hello!’ emote on them, and they do a cute prrr sound with little hearts coming out.”

And others are saying that if Overwatch can add a cat cafe, then surely Cyberpunk 2077 can add one too.

Not everyone’s excited, though. On Reddit, one person wrote: “The map looks nice but man i wish they’d focus on new content for the main game which is what most of the player base actually cares about, instead of a new map for an arcade mode…”

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