TUF 12: Episode Six Recap

Last Week: Team Koscheck finally picks up its first win, as Nam Phan took the unanimous decision victory over Spencer Paige. The win triggered celebrations from the team, who were quick to rub it in the faces of the members of Team GSP. Let’s see if Koscheck and Co. can build off the first win, as they are still behind on the scoreboard, 1-3.

This Week: This week’s episode begins with Josh Koscheck still very happy with Phan’s win and looking to agitate opposing team member Michael Johnson, who ignores the welterweight top contender. Koscheck then explains how happy is to be in control of the matchmaking, but he and his remaining team members still in the tournament quickly realize that there are still several tough match ups ahead of them.

When we transfer back to the fighter house, it is clear that members of Team GSP are fed up with Team Koscheck’s celebrations and elect to avoid interactions with their competitors if at all possible. However, when Koscheck and his team show up to the house, the tension builds. Koscheck immediately begins to taunt the other fighters and brag about the win, but Team GSP remains calm and each team goes their separate way.

Back in the gym, the announcement of the next fight is up, and Koscheck has decided to pit his first rounder Marc Stevens against submission ace Cody McKenzie, who continues to try and get under Koscheck’s skin. The fighter’s hit the scale after brief video footage of training sessions and each man makes weight. The fight is good to go for the following day.

Marc Stevens vs. Cody McKenzie

Stevens lifts up his glove before the fight begins to see if his opponent wants to touch before the action. McKenzie shakes his head and comes out of the gate hot. He looks to throw a few shots, but can’t land anything significant. Obviously caught off guard, Stevens looks for the takedown. He gets it, but is immediately caught in a guillotine choke. It’s very deep. Stevens’ body goes limp and the referee pulls McKenzie away from him. Dominate victory for GSP and company. Devastating loss for Team Koscheck, who drop to 1-4. McKenzie def. Stevens via submission (guillotine choke) in Round 1.

Team Koscheck, obviously disappointed, is far from their happy feelings experienced after Phan’s victory in last week’s episode. Meanwhile, Georges St. Pierre tells his guys that he will absolutely not put up with them celebrating like Team Koscheck did. All fighters seem to agree with their coach.

Now, Koscheck has lost control once again, and GSP gets to make the next move for the second fight of the episode. The welterweight champion picks former WEC featherweight Jonathan Brookins to take on Sevak Magakian in the second bout. Both fighters make weight and the bout is good to go.

Jonathan Brookins vs. Sevak Magakian

Brookins Ultimate Fighter

Unlike the first fight, these two touch gloves to start the action and begin at a slow pace. Neither seems content to just rush in, so each fighter begins the standard “feeling-out” process. Brookins burns Magakian after faking a takedown, and the latter seems utterly baffled for a moment. Brookins clinches and throws his opponent to the ground. Early signs of trouble for the Team Koscheck fighter. Magakian stands up, but Brookins throws himself to his opponent’s back. Magakian looks to shake him off. Brookins works for the hooks and he gets them. Magakian defending the choke, but Brookins is slowly working it in. He’s got it. Magakian falls to the mat and is forced to tap. Brookins def. Magakian via submission (rear naked choke) in Round 1.

Brookins says after the fight that he doesn’t want to really be noticed by the guys in the house, only respected. He says that he will get their respect. With a performance like that, it’s hard to imagine that the guys haven’t noticed him as a threat now.

Next Week: In next week’s episode, Koscheck and St. Pierre battle to see who has the greatest long ball skills in a home run derby contest, while we also see the final preliminary fight of the tournament. Also, a few fighters get the opportunity at redemption, as the wild card picks will also be decided upon.

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