Dude Wipes on ‘Shark Tank’: Interview With Co-Founder

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Dude Wipes, bathroom wipes that are paraben-free, fragrance free, hypoallergenic and flushable, entered the Shark Tank on October 16. We interviewed co-founder Ryan Meegan about the company founded with men’s hygiene in mind. He started the business with Sean Riley, Jeff Klimkowski, and Brian Wilkin, all friends from the south suburbs of Chicago. Meegan told us about Dude Wipes’ future plans, which are “to continue to provide consumers with innovative hygiene products that improve their daily lives while entertaining them.” Here is what else he told us about…

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How the Idea Came About in College

The idea came about after college when Sean started stocking our apartment bathroom with baby wipes. We all quickly got addicted to the routine and started joking about coming out with a funny, blunt and masculine brand for guys so dudes like us could proudly recognize our wipes habit publicly. We then got serious about making this a real business and pooled together some cash for our first order of Dude Wipes from our manufacturer which arrived in July of 2012. We were betting on the fact that we weren’t the only guys doing this, so we were confident they would adopt our brand as well as guys who had never thought about using wipes. We were confident we could convert them. We were right.

Celebs Who Use Dude Wipes

Tyron Woodley and Matt Brown of the UFC, Gerald Swindle a professional bass angler, Brad Guzan and other U.S. Soccer players. Dude Wipes were featured on Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory in January 2015. I cannot confirm Rob uses them, but Christopher ‘Big Black’ Boykin is a big Dude Wipes user.

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Research & Development

R&D and initial design took about a year before the initial order was placed. Our brand is extremely important but even more so, is a quality product. We wanted to make sure our manufacturer would produce a product we were happy with in both the material composition and solution contents. We are very proud of that.

Not Giving Up Getting on the ‘Tank’

We are all big fans of the show and obviously were aware of the massive exposure it can provide. So we applied in 2014 and made it pretty far, we got cut just before the final call out to LA to tape. So in 2015, we were a year further along showing great sales growth, more retail customer acquisitions and thousands more Dude Wipes fans so we decided to give it another shot! We took part in the different requirements for moving along in the process and just kept getting the green light towards the next step. Next thing we knew we were in LA standing in front of the Sharks.

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