Buff Cat Memes: Funniest Internet Reactions

Buff Cat

Buff Cat is the taking the internet by storm with his big, buff physique.

The latest sensation to grace the internet involves an incredibly muscular-looking cat. “Buff Cat,” an abnormally fit feline, has taken the internet by storm, with the original video of the cat garnering nearly five million views on Twitter in less than a week.

On May 28 an anonymous user created the @officialbuffcat Twitter handle, launching a tweet featuring two photos of a very broad-shouldered tabby, stating “everyday I think about this buff cat I encountered last year.”

The creator also shared a video and a few other views of Buff Cat’s impressive, muscular self that would put some of the most dedicated gym rats to shame. According to BuzzFeed, the person who started the Buff Cat Twitter account is a feline fan who spotted the beefy boy in Quebec, Canada.

Although the official Buff Cat account was created in March, the anonymous user posted the first picture of the swole kitty on May 28, and has already garnered over 16 thousand followers.

Needless to say, the internet has had a field day over Buff Cat, immediately posting a flood of hilarious memes with the jacked tabby superimposed into scenes from Jurassic Park, replacing King Ezekiel’s infamous tiger Shiva on the Walking Dead, and dressing him up as Thanos from Avengers: Infinity War.

Some users posted pictures of other buff animals looking for directions to the gym:

Dr. Dan Smith, a veterinarian in New York, told BuzzFeed News he’s not sure if Buff Cat suffers from a genetic muscle condition, but said, “That boy is an absolute unit.”

“There is a genetic mutation that’s found mostly in some cow breeds that is called double-muscling and I’ve heard of rare cases of it in some dog breeds like Rottweilers and Greyhounds, but never in a cat. This might be the first,” he added.

The workout routine behind Buff Cat’s physique is a mystery and since nobody has stepped forward as the owner or close friend of the pictured feline, no one is certain what caused the cat to get so big. There is speculation that it could be a genetic disorder or an overzealous diet, but until somebody comes forward to claim the big boy, his unique size will remain a mystery. Until then, the internet gets to enjoy Buff Cat in all his big, buff glory.

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