Michael Avenatti’s Ex Wife Christine Carlin Defends Him in Tweets

Christine Avenatti Carlin

Getty/Facebook Christine Rodier Avenatti Carlin Michael Avenatti's first wife and mother of his two daughters, Christine Rodier Avenatti Carlin defends her ex saying he's a 'good man' and would never hit anyone.

Michael Avenatti’s first wife, Christine Carlin has tweeted and responded to other’s tweets in defense of her ex, the high-profile attorney arrested Wednesday in Los Angels on suspicion of domestic violence.

“I have known @MichaelAvenatti for over 26 years …we met when he was 21 years old and we were married for 13 years. Michael has ALWAYS been a kind loving father to our two daughters and husband to me. He has NEVER been abusive to me or anyone else. He is a good man.”

She goes by Christine Avenatti-Carlin on Twitter. Carlin responded to tweets by others as well about her former husband including The New York Times and Buzzfeed News.

Carlin also asked that people reserve judgment.

“Please wait for facts. Plain and simple he does not hit women.”

Carlin said she and Avenatti were married for 13 years. And shared images of them from years ago.

The former married couple have two daughters together. And it was that fact, that he is father to girls, led his most recent former wife, Lisa Storie Avenatti to insist that her former husband, despite what she and he may have said in court documents, was perhaps demanding and quick to anger, but was non-violent.

She says not only was she not injured and not at his apartment, she has never known him to be physically violent. She and her attorney called a TMZ story alleging she was attacked by her former husband untrue. TMZ has since changed the story to say a “woman” is the alleged victim.

And she went further: “I haven’t see Michael in months. It’s a complete fabrication. Bruises on my face? It is insanity. He wouldn’t hit anybody. Especially a woman. He’s got two daughters.”

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Avenatti addressed the allegations after leaving the LAPD. He said he will be “fully exonerated.”