David Toaff: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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David Toaff is the 37 year old man who allegedly went on a bizarre tirade during a flight from DC to Atlanta. Toaff apparently told all of the Jews on board the plane to raise their hands so that he could identify them. That’s why many people on social media described Toaff’s outburst as an “anti-Semitic rant.”

But several of Toaff’s friends have contacted Heavy to say that Toaff is Jewish himself, and is a proud supporter of Jewish causes and of Israel. Toaff’s friends said that Toaff is terrified of anti-Semitism, which is probably what his rant was really all about.

When the plane landed in Atlanta, police arrested Toaff on disorderly conduct charges. Video of Toaff resisting arrest, and screaming at the officers, went viral on social media.

Here’s what you need to know about David Toaff:

1. He Screamed ‘He’s a Nazi!’ When Police Arrested Him in Atlanta

Jordan Dale, a passenger on Toaff’s flight from DC to Atlanta, captured the moment when Atlanta police arrested Toaff in the airport. You can see the whole bizarre interaction here.

Toaff appears to be hysterical from the beginning, screaming, “I’m not a bad person!” “Nobody said you were a bad person,” said one of the officers, calmly. But Toaff yelled, “There was a white guy with blue eyes and he was just like ‘Trump! He’s a Nazi!'” It’s not clear whether Toaff meant that the officers were accusing him of being a Nazi, or whether he had heard some other “white guy” talking about Nazis. The officers, remaining calm, tried to convince Toaff to “take a walk” with them and he resisted with all his might, wailing, “I did not do anything wrong. I’m not attacking anyone.” At one point he almost broke away from the officers. That’s when they cuffed him and he began to yell, “Sir, I’m not doing anything wrong. I just don’t want to die.”

2. Some Noted That Toaff Seems to Be Wearing a Jewish Prayer Shawl

Throughout his interaction with the police, Toaff seems to be wearing a tallith, or fringed garment used by religious Jewish men in prayer. This led some social media users to wonder whether Toaff was Jewish himself, and whether there might be some misunderstanding about his anti-Semitic rant.

One Twitter user, replying to the person who posted video of Toaff’s arrest, wrote, “Jordan, what anti Semitic things did he say? He’s wearing a tallit, a Jewish prayer shawl. Makes me wonder how many drinks he had before his flight tbh…”

A number of Toaff’s friends have contacted Heavy to say that Toaff is Jewish himself and is not an anti-Semite by any means. Toaff’s friends say that he is a proud supporter of Jewish causes and of Israel — and they agree that Toaff has always been fearful of anti-Semitism. His rant on the airline may have grown out of those fears.

3. Toaff is a Home Loan Officer Who Works in Bethesda, Maryland

David Toaff’s twitter profile describes him as a Residential Loan Officer. He is licensed in Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Tennessee. He works for First Home Mortgage, where he is described as a “highly ambitious, thorough and responsive Loan Officer” who is “often on the road” traveling for business.

4. One Day Before He Freaked Out in the Atlanta Airport, Toaff Was Posting Inspirational Stories on Social Media

It was November 21 when Toaff was arrested in the Atlanta airport after allegedly going on a bizarre rant while on his flight. In the footage of his arrest, Toaff appeared to be highly disturbed and out of control.

But just one day earlier, Toaff was posting inspirational messages on his Facebook account. He put up a video of a four-year-old boy who uses his allowance to feed the homeless.

5. Toaff Often Posts Videos of Himself Dancing

Toaff’s Facebook account is full of videos of himself dancing — sometimes at home alone, and sometimes in the club. Some viewers may see a similarity between his agility on the dance floor and his slippery agility when trying to break away from the officers who arrested him in Atlanta today.

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