Woman Steals News Van in Atlanta With Pregnant Reporter Inside: Cops

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The Atlanta Police Department has arrested a 38-year-old woman as the suspect in a strange carjacking case that took place on Tuesday. According to police, 38-year-old Seniqua Lunsford stole a CBS 46 news van that was idling with a pregnant reporter sitting inside it. Iyani Hughes, a CBS journalist, was editing video in the back of the van when Lunsford jumped in and drove off.

The details of the case were shared by a spokesperson of the Atlanta police, Officer Steve Avery. He said the suspect has been placed under arrest and the case is still under investigation. The reporter was unharmed.

The Chain of Events Began When Lunsford Crashed a Vehicle Into a Gate at a Condo Building

In the above video shared on Twitter, Avery shared an update with journalists at the scene. He said that at about 5:30 a.m. on Tuesday morning, police were called to The Atlantic Condos on 17th Street because a woman, later identified as Lunsford, had crashed her Toyota Highlander into the gate.

Avery added: “While the police officers got out to check on the wrecked vehicle, the driver of that vehicle got out of the vehicle — unbeknownst to the officers — walked over to the van that belonged to the news station, got in it and drove away.”

Hughes was editing footage in the van while a CBS 46 photographer was standing outside it. When Lunsford got in and started driving, Hughes yelled at her to stop. When she didn’t, the reporter decided to sit in her seat and put her seatbelt on. Avery said: “She did the smart thing. She got into her seat and put her seat belt on.”

The news van being driven by Lunsford only made it about a mile before she crashed it also, this time on the side of the road in Ansley Park. After the second crash, Lunsford tried to escape on foot but was arrested by police.

Hughes Was Unhurt in the Incident & Lunsford Has Been Arrested & Brought to Grady Detention Center

Avery added that Hughes was unhurt in the incident, though he added that Lunsford “apparently injured her arm,” but police aren’t sure in which crash that injury occurred. He added: “The folks on the scene said that the suspect in this case was acting strangely, they don’t know whether she’s emotionally disturbed or on an intoxicant or drugs or something like that hasn’t been determined yet.”

Avery said Lunsford was on her way to the detention center and she would be at the very least charged with kidnapping. Avery mentioned that Lunsford is also pregnant. He concluded by saying, “You’re just doing your day-to-day job and things go sideways like that,” and he’s happy the situation was resolved without any serious injuries.

According to Hughes’ Twitter account, she’s a digital producer and news reporter for CBS 46. She most recently reported on some severe storms that passed through Georgia and a tragic accident in which a tree fell on a home, killing a 34-year-old man in his sleep.

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