How Many People Were at Joe Biden’s Rally in Atlanta, Georgia? [Crowd Photos]

Joe Biden's Georgia Rally Size

Getty Joe Biden spoke at two rallies in Georgia.

Former Vice President and current presidential candidate Joe Biden hosted a socially distanced, drive-in rally in Atlanta, Georgia, on Tuesday, October 27. Here’s a look at how many people attended, along with crowd photos.

There Were 771 People at Biden’s Socially Distanced, Drive-In Rally in Atlanta, His Second Rally of the Day

GettyDemocratic Presidential Candidate Joe Biden speaks during a voter mobilization event in Atlanta, Georgia.

According to The Guardian, there were 771 people and 365 cars at Biden’s drive-in, socially distanced rally in Atlanta, Georgia. According to Fox News, this was Biden’s largest post-pandemic rally.

Earlier that same day, he visited Warm Springs, Georgia, WAOK reported. A crowd photo is below, showing people sitting in pre-designated, circled spaces to help maintain social distancing.

GettyDemocratic Presidential Candidate Joe Biden departs after speaking at The Mountain Top Inn & Resort in Warm Springs, Georgia.

While in Warm Springs, he encouraged unity, saying: “Too many among us spend more time shouting than listening, more time fighting than working together, more time demonizing and denigrating others, rather than lifting them up… Has the heart of the nation turned to stone? … I refuse to believe it.”

GettyBiden in Warm Springs.

Biden told the Warm Springs crowd: “Though broken, each of us can be healed.”

He said the country can overcome the virus and “heal a suffering world.” He also emphasized that he believes “God and history have called us to this moment and this mission with our voices and our votes.”

For his Atlanta rally, he spoke outside the Cellairis Amphitheater. Musical artists Common and Offset performed at the event.

Biden told the crowd: “There aren’t a lot of pundits who would have guessed four years ago that the Democratic candidate for president in 2020 would be campaigning in Georgia on the final week of the election.”

GettyBiden speaks in Atlanta.

Biden took, a more casual approach at the Georgia rally, choosing to speak without his traditional suit.

During his speech, Biden told the group: “There’s no state more consequential than Georgia in that fight.”

Here’s another photo from his Atlanta speech.

GettyBiden speaks in Atlanta.

Here’s another photo showing Biden on stage while speaking.

GettyBiden speaks in Atlanta.

You Can Watch Biden’s Rally Speeches Below

GettyBiden speaks in Atlanta.

You can watch Biden’s two rally speeches below. First, here is his Warm Springs rally speech.

Joe Biden Speech on Racial Justice and Voting in Warm Springs, GeorgiaAmericans have always come together to triumph and overcome, and we must again now. With one week left until Election Day, Joe Biden is speaking LIVE in Warm Springs, Georgia, on how we can unite to address the crises facing our nation. Tune in.2020-10-27T18:11:04Z

And below is his speech from Atlanta, where two musical guests were also present.

Joe Biden Speech on Voting LIVE in Atlanta, Georgia | Joe Biden For President 2020One week until Election Day. Don’t let up now. Vice President Joe Biden is in Atlanta, Georgia speaking to folks about early voting and getting out the vote. Have questions about voting in your state? Check out Join our campaign: Follow Joe! Joe’s Twitter: Joe’s Facebook: Joe’s Instagram: #JoeBiden #Joe2020…2020-10-27T22:12:14Z

Biden told the crowd in Atlanta that they had a chance to flip Georgia. “I think we’re going to surprise the living devil out of everybody this year. I can’t tell you how important it is that we flip the United States Senate. There’s no state more consequential than Georgia.”

After his speeches in Georgia, he hugged his little sister, Valerie, goodbye. He didn’t take any press questions at the end of the day, reported Allie Raffa of Fox News.

While Biden campaigned in Georgia, his wife, Jill Biden, stumped with Sara Gideon in Maine. Biden will also be visiting Iowa on Friday.

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