WATCH: Tornado Touches Down Near Birmingham, Leaving Massive Damage

Pelham tornado near Birmingham

Pelham Police Department Pelham tornado leaves damage near Birmingham.

A tornado touched down near the Pelham, Alabama, and Eagle Point regions near Birmingham on Thursday, March 25. Videos showed the tornado spinning out debris and leaving damage in its wake.

The Tornado Touched Down in Communities Near Birmingham

The tornado touched down near Birmingham in regions including Pelham and Eagle Point, Tuscaloosa News reported. Brandon Copic, director of, shared this video on Twitter of the tornado touching down and flinging debris as it passed.

The video above was taken near Lake Purdy, Alabama, Copic shared. reported that homes were destroyed from the storm and radar indicated it passed over a populated area at some points. Tree damage and downed power lines were also reported. Some of the area shit included the Greystone and Eagle Point subdivisions. Many school districts had canceled classes due to the weather.

WTVM 13 shared a video from a local Pelham resident that showed debris twisting in the sky as the tornado passed.

Also on Twitter, Dino shared this video from a friend at Oak Mountain State Park. You can see a large storm circulating on the horizon.

This next video shows the suspected tornado in Pelham:

This photo may show the storm as it crossed Pell City Walmart:

This next video, shared by Matt Williams, was taken “at Griffin Park at Eagle Point near Lee Branch and US-280,” WBRC reported.

This next video shows someone driving through the storm. Note the language warning before the video.

This next video was taken from Pelham as a resident watched the tornado pass while inside a store.

Another video from a viewer in Leeds shows a tornado looming in the background of a neighborhood.

The Tornado Left Significant Damage Behind

3-25-2021 Pelham, AL – Tornado damage, Trees on Home, Emergency Responders – Drone***NOT FOR BROADCAST*** Contact Brett Adair with Live Storms Media to license. Tornado damage from the tornado warned storm that went through the South side of Birmingham, Al just a few minutes ago. Damage is in Helena and Pelham. Shots of tree on home and other damage from drone as wel as the storm…2021-03-25T19:39:11Z

The damage from the storm appears to be massive in some areas, with some homes destroyed and many trees downed. The video above was shared on YouTube by Live Storms Media and Brett Adair.

The Pelham Police Department shared photos and videos of the damage.

Here’s a look at more homes that were damaged in Eagle Point.

The Eagle Point neighborhood in Inverness experienced significant damage.

Pelham Police reported that only local traffic was being allowed into communities damaged by the tornado.

WBRC reported that the storm which produced the tornado had moved over 100 miles and damage reports came from several counties. Flash flooding was also a concern from the storm and residents were advised not to travel because of dangerous weather and significant damage. A tornado watch in the area is expected to continue until about 8 p.m. local time, but stay tuned to local weather reports for the most up-to-date details.

WBRC also reported that the damage in parts of Shelby County was significant.

To see a map of the damage in the region, Tuscaloosa News is providing a map at the end of their story here. The map also includes local tornado warnings, tornado sightings, flash flood and severe storm warnings, and high wind and hail reports.

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