Lakers’ Danny Green Drops Key Insight on NBA Return From Suspension

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Since Utah Jazz star Rudy Gobert tested positive for COVID-19, there has been a lot of uncertainty of when exactly the NBA might return to action. The world is still trying to figure out how to best combat the disease, but there are many unknowns. The idea of the NBA season being canceled outright has floated around, but it appears the league is trying to avoid that.

According to Los Angeles Lakers veteran Danny Green, he was on a conference call with Executive Director of the NBPA Michele A. Roberts and the intention is to have the NBA season continue in the somewhat near future.

“By any means necessary, we’re going to try and salvage the season,” Green said on Inside the Green Room. “Michele and most guys think we’re for sure going to have a season, it’s just going to start later than expected and just trying to get the next season to be able to be pushed back is not going to be as easy as people think it’s gonna be.”

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Green Offers Potential Timeline

Not only did Green give some insight about the season potentially returning, he even gave an idea on when games might be played again.

“We’re for sure going to have a season. It’s probably going to start mid to late May maybe. That’s what we’re hoping for at the earliest … and it will probably go through August … latest September. It’ll be a quick turnaround if we get no break.”

May is not far away, so if Green’s prediction is correct, then basketball games could come very soon. Even if they don’t return by May, Green doubled down and ensured that the season isn’t over yet.

“All the things you hear on the news … don’t believe that the NBA season’s canceled. That’s not true.”

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Jared Dudley Sounds Less Optimistic

Green’s comments definitely bring some optimism to the table considering all the uncertainty in the world. However, his teammate Jared Dudley sounded a lot less optimistic about a return to action. In a Q&A with The Athletic, Dudley was asked if he wanted the season to continue, he gave a pessimistic answer.

I want the season to come back. But I want us to be able to train our bodies to where we can’t use it as an excuse. For everybody. Because there is an excuse. If we have four to six weeks to get our body right, okay, from a physical standpoint, we’re right. Are we ready as a country? For one, I think there is going to be a time, basketball is going to be huge us to get back, for people to be able to cheer. We have to be able to start the process and I think basketball would be a good way.

So is testing available for everyone to be able to do it? Is the curve down? Have we plateaued and can we do it in the right time frame? If it’s the right time frame, not rushed, there’s no reason. And I’m someone who likes money but that should not be the main reason for us getting back right now. That’s because you have people’s health, from the virus, health from player safety in terms of injury. We don’t have the proper stuff right now. Hopefully, we have a miracle and hopefully something changes in the next 60 days, but it’s looking more bleak by the day.

Everybody’s hoping that the info Green revealed is what will eventually happen, but the truth is that nobody knows anything for sure until more about COVID-19 is known.

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