Falcons RB Todd Gurley Chimes In on Trolling of Rams’ New Uniforms

Todd Gurley

Getty Todd Gurley #30 of the Los Angeles Rams/

The Los Angeles Rams just unveiled their new uniform designs and they’re not getting a good review. Former Houston Texans receiver, Jaelen Strong didn’t hold back when it came to his thoughts on the Rams’ new look.

Strong tagged Todd Gurley, who was recently released by the Rams, on Twitter saying “Damn bro @TG3II look like you dodged a bullet.”

Gurley replied with several laughing emojis.

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On Bad Terms With Rams

The Rams and Gurley are not on the best terms right now. The Rams still owe Gurley a nice chunk of money.

Gurley was recently on a podcast, “Uninterrupted” and announced once again that the Rams haven’t paid him and he wants nothing to do with his former teammates until he has his money.

“I still ain’t got my money, so it’s really, forgets the Rams right now. I don’t even care about them,” Gurley said, via Rams Wire. “I told my ex-teammates that they can’t even text me or call me until I get my money. As soon as I get my money, then I’ll be cool with everybody else.”

While Gurley is usually joking, this doesn’t seem like a joke anymore. He wants his money.

Why Gurley Won’t File for Grievance

Gurley doesn’t plan on filing for grievance like his teammate Clay Matthews did. It’s not the route he wants to go since it would probably take even longer to get his money due to the coronavirus.

“The thing is, right now the grievances are on hold. So the team would have to set that meeting up. So they’ve kind of got the upper-hand right now because they know all this COVID stuff is going on,” he said. “It wouldn’t make sense for me to file a grievance because this spring case won’t get heard until next spring and once you file a grievance, it puts everything on hold, so it doesn’t even make sense for me to file a grievance right now.”

The Rams GM did address the media about owing their former running back his money and said that Gurley will get it. However, he did not clarify when and that’s the frustrating part.

However, Gurley does expect it by June 1.

Gurley Training His Replacement?

The Rams knew if they released Gurley before 4 p.m. during free agency back in March, they would get $10.5 million in salary and bonuses that they were set to owe him. Still, they have to give up $7.5 million to Gurley.

While Gurley rightfully has a grudge on the Rams, it won’t stop him from being the good guy that he really is. Gurley, whos is now an Atlanta Falcons starter, is currently helping Rams’ rookie running back, Cam Akers on and off of the field.

“Just because of whatever I have going on with the Rams don’t make me upset or want to bash or downplay another man. He’s making his dream come true just like I made my dream come true in 2015,” Gurley said on the Uninterrupted podcast.

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