Reported NFL Schedule Leak Shows Unique Falcons vs. Saints Scheduling

Falcons v. Saints

Getty Drew Brees #9 of the New Orleans Saints in action against the Atlanta Falcons.

All 2020 NFL schedules will be released tonight at 8 PM ET on ESPN. And like always, with big releases comes rumors and potential leaks.

NFL reporter Dov Kleiman apparently got ahold of the full New Orleans Saints schedule. According to this one, the Atlanta Falcons will take on Drew Brees twice in a three-week span.

I have one question just like the rest of you…what in the tarnation were the makers of this schedule thinking? Aside from the Saints playing the Falcons twice in three weeks, they also have back-to-back-to-back away games.

Saints Make Falcons Joke in ‘Schedule Release Day’ Video

You might as well make this a national holiday since there’s nothing else going on in the sports world, it’s a lot more hyped up this year due to the current circumstances.  A lot of people will be tuned in to ESPN to watch the three-hour-long unveiling of each schedule.

The Saints released a hype video for the scheduled release.

To start, Saints’ video starts with the message that no opponent is welcome in the Mercedes Benz Superdome. Then it gives the message that when they road trip to an opponent’s stadium they want to make sure the opponent doesn’t want them back there.

Soon it takes a unique turn with an on-screen message “None of that matters right now.” This is when the video highlights the Saints ordering lunches for frontline workers in every single city that the Saints are scheduled to play in this season. Despite the rivalry, they even did it for Atlanta policemen. I know, I teared up too.

But then it’s ruined at the 1:40 mark with that joke everyone thinks is still funny about the Falcons blowing a 28-3 Super Bowl lead.

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Falcons V. Saints 2020 Matchup

Last year the Falcons beat the Saints in their first matchup then lost to them in their second time around.

Drew Brees’ NFL playing days are on the horizon but he still has a shot at making a Super Bowl bid. The started their needs early just like the Falcons did in free agency. The Saints signed two-time Pro Bowler Emmanuel Sanders. Sanders will boost their already stellar offense that includes Alvin Kamara and Michael Thomas connections. Their offensive line was one of the best in the league last season and they boosted it even more in the first and third round in this year’s draft.

Breaking that New Orleans o-line will be Falcons’ biggest task, but thanks to Quinn’s and Dimitroff’s conscience draft picks, the Falcons could have one of the most feared defenses in the league this season.

Defense Wins Games

That cliche saying never gets old. Whether it’s the o-line opening up the pocket for their QB or the defense getting to the opposing QB, someone always wins out.

The Falcons starting defense is looking extra fierce this year with the addition of Dante Fowler who is coming off of his best season in LA, and fan-favorite Marlon Davidson who said he’s basically ready to kill the opposing team (figuratively not literally). Davidson is considered to be a Grady Jarrett clone and now those two will be playing side-by-side. A.J. Terrell’s speed at cornerback is also an exciting component of the Falcons’ 2020 defense.

Safe to say as long as everyone stays healthy, the Falcons are ready to take on the Saints any day, any time.

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