Grady Jarrett Considered ‘More Irreplaceable’ Than Julio Jones for Falcons?

Julio Jones

Getty Julio Jones #11 of the Atlanta Falcons.

The Falcons would be in bad shape if they lost either of these two important pieces on their offense and defense; Julio Jones or Grady Jarrett.

Thankfully, they’ll both be around Atlanta for quite a long time after signing lengthy contracts.

Hypethcially speaking though, The Jon Chuckery Show on 92.9 asked a question to all Falcons fans listening: “Who would be tougher to replace, or better yet who is irreplaceable, Grady Jarret or Julio Jones?”

It’s Julio Jones

Julio Jones is by far the best wide receiver in the league right now. Without him, Matt Ryan wouldn’t have his No. 1 and most reliable option.

On the show, Chuckery says that Julio “completely changes the dynamic of how you have to approach a defensive game plan against the Falcons.” Opposing teams often have to double-team Julio leaving other targets wide open.

Chuckery also adds that “His presence on the field instantly makes everybody better.” This is true especially when it comes to rookies and free agents. Everyone looks up to Jones, even players in different positions.

Todd Gurley referred to Julio as the “bread and butter” of the team last week in a roundtable discussion with Odell Beckham and Cam Newton.

Jon ends with this side of the ball saying that if the Falcons didn’t have Julio Jones a part of their offense, it would be a“tough pill to swallow.”

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No, It’s Grady Jarrett

When it comes to the defensive side of the ball, Grady Jarrett is definitely the glue that holds the defense together the best he can.

Chuckery calls Grady a “rare commodity” and that he is the “best defensive player on this team.”

And according to Jon, Grady Jarrett is the more irreplaceable than Julio Jones. Chuckery backs up his argument with Matty Ice’s No. 2 option, Calvin Ridley. Jon goes all the way to say “if you lose Grady Jarrett though, you have zero along your defensive line.”

Last season, the Falcons only tallied 28 sacks which was ranked second to last in the league. Alone, Grady Jarrett had 7.5 and Vic Beasley led the team with eight. With Beasley gone, the Falcons need Jarrett.

Who Would Be Grady Jarrett’s Replacement?

Jon says “If Gardy Jarrett had to be replaced today there’s nobody even close on this roster.”

This might not be all so true since the Falcons drafted who they consider being Grady Jarrett’s “clone.”  The Falcons second-round pick a defensive tackle out of Auburn, Marlon Davidson is the next best thing and is already considered a fan favorite.

Dan Quinn has emphasized wanting to get more pass rush from the interior. Davidson is their weapon next to Jarrett. He is very explosive for his size and hungry to get to the QB.

Jarrett weighs in at 303 pounds and Davidson is just about the same size. They both have size 10 hands and both have nimble feet. They both know how to shoot gaps and absolutely disrupt the run and quarterback pressure. They also each have that “go, go, go” and “ready to eat” mentality.

Jarrett, of course, has turned into an All-Pro. Davidson? Well, I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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