The 20 Hottest Photos Of Rosario Dawson

The 20 Hottest Pictures Of Rosario Dawson

An exotic beauty that has the acting chops to do dark dramas like 25th Hour then jump into a  raunchy comedy like Clerks II, Rosario Dawson has kept the hearts racing of movie goers for over a decade now. Classy, but with a fun personality that gives the impression she’s more than up for just being goofy and hanging with the guys. She’ll next be appearing in the Tony Scott action film Unstoppable opening later this year. Checkout these 20 hot pictures of Rosario, and please, try not to get too much drool on your keyboard.

The feather in the hair kinda gives a nod to Rosario’s Native American heritage, but the beauty also has Irish, Puerto Rican and Afro-Cuban in her background as well.

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