Government agencies don’t have free speech rights.

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Though certainly inflammatory, her speech is protected.

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Probably not, but his choice of words is interesting.

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Trump’s proposed cabinet has multiple ties to a campaign scapegoat.

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He didn’t say that and couldn’t really do it anyway.

3 months ago Comment

The white supremacist leader has long supported Trump’s positions.

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The judge gave withering criticism of Trump’s arguments.

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The shirt was presented as evidence in his trial.

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She challenged Trump’s fitness for the Presidency but may have said too much.

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Economists are split on the issue.

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The issue informs Clinton’s Second Amendment approach.

4 months ago 2 Comments

The Donald’s chances look grim.

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Trump’s lawyer Marc Kasowitz threatened libel action unless a retraction and apology was quickly issued.

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The Department of Justice required him to stop discrimination but not to admit guilt.

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Though nationwide murders are slightly up, it’s not true of NYC.

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