Michael Jackson’s Death Ruled A Homicide


Yesterday the Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office ruled that Michael Jackson’s death was a homicide. Many people are looking to Dr. Conrad Murray as the prime suspect in the investigation, citing that it was him who administered the powerful sedative Propofol to the Moonwalker.

It was only weeks earlier that Dr. Murray became Jackson’s personal physician and claims he had been having problems with the singer’s addictions to Propofol. In the days leading up to the pop star’s death, Murray said he had begun lowering Jackson’s dosages in an attempt to ween him off the powerful sedative… sorta like when they put the signs in Neverland saying, “You must be 6’0″ tall to ride this ride.”

To no avail.

After Jackson “repeatedly demanded/requested” Propofol, which he referred to as his “milk” – how creepy is that? – Murray finally administered what would be Jackson’s final injection.

This is where it gets a bit foggy.

Murray says he left to go to the restroom and when he returned, noticed Jackson was no longer breathing. He then made three phone calls that totaled up to 45 minutes in length, none of them were to the police.

Either he was trying to get through to vote on American Idol or something is up… and I’m leaning towards the latter. ABC is reporting that the arrest of Dr. Conrad Murray is imminent.

Oh, and I hear they’re finally burying him… gross.

Could Jackson’s life end more bizarre than he lived it? Yes. Apparently it could.