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It’s another week for you to cram as much new music into your ears as you possibly humanly can, by hook or by crook. A lot of new releases this week from a lot of diverse artists, so let’s get down to business right away.

Sean KingstonTomorrow. This chubby teenage reggae sensation had a banger hit with “Beautiful Girls,” and I can’t hate on the dude. He probably gets more play than the Miami Dolphins, and if I were nineteen and had the opportunity to make generic commercial nu-reggae in exchange for boatloads of money, I’d do it too. His sophomore platter doesn’t break any new ground, but it does have the single “Face Drop,” which is a “So I’m fat, who cares?” song – my favorite kind!

Pearl JamBackspacer. Hey, we’re giving away a copy of this on vinyl, you should check that out. If you had told me fifteen years ago that Pearl Jam would be the most likable survivor of the grunge years, I would have looked at you like you were a crazy future Internet spaceman. And yet, here we are, with the band moving more into jam territory while maintaining their classic rock edge. No scandals, no breakups, just a band that likes to play music together. That’s no fun to write about!

Basement JaxxScars. You can get a pretty good idea of what’s hip in popular music from looking at the list of guest vocalists on a Basement Jaxx album. Their latest features vocal contribs from Santigold, Kelis, and most excitingly Florida-based rap duo Yo! Majesty, who if you ain’t heard knock out hilarious, sexually explicit rhymes like nobody’s business. So this is going to be a good record is what I am saying.

David GrayDraw The Line. This is one of those British guys that ladies really like to listen to as basically radio wallpaper, so maybe if you buy this and put it on you could have some sex.

MikaThe Boy Who Knew Too Much. Okay, forget everything you know about Perez Hilton championing this lanky Lebanese singer-songwriter: he is actually great. Dude loves Freddie Mercury, does his album covers with his sister, and writes awesome, complex, brain-bashing pop songs. I know it’s not cool to like stuff but this is likeable.

NoisettesWild Young Hearts. I know, you’re as tired of British bands with wacky gimmicks as I am, but this one’s actually good. Sporting an English-Zimbabwean singer and a reputation for being one of England’s most uncontrollable live acts, their last album was a fine platter of rock decadence. This one should be even better. Man, it sucks when good music comes out because then I don’t have anything to make fun of!

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