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It’s new CD day – and I guess new iTunes download day and new Zune Marketplace day and whatever other demented mechanism you use to get your music day. It’s a good day! Let’s have a look at what hits the stores this week.

MegadethEndgame. If you had told me that a new Megadeth record would drop in 2009 and it would actually be good, I would have smashed your face to Hell with a Flying V guitar before you could spout any additional apostasy. They’ve had like three straight albums in a row that were supposed to be “comeback” albums and they all blew. But I’ll be damned – Endgame is pretty great. It’s no Rust In Peace but what on this poor doomed Earth is?

DrakeSo Far Gone. So this guy’s the hot new blood on the hip-hop scene, but hold on a sec – he used to be on Degrassi Junior High? I’m pretty torn here – on one hand, rap music is at its best when it’s from the street’s perspective, from people who have survived the life and lived to tell about it. So forgive me for doubting this Toronto twentysomething’s lyrical acumen. On the other hand, Degrassi is kind of awesome. This is selected cuts from a February mixtape rushed out to capitalize on his rapidly rising fame, but they’re good cuts.

MuseThe Resistance. This is a band that a lot of pretentious people seem to dig. I – I just don’t get it. The lead singer is supposed to be some kind of super genius but he sings like he’s got a lobster on his balls and the band sounds like Steely Dan. I dunno, do I have to take an IQ test or something? They’re opening for U2 this Fall if that means anything to you.

Simian Mobile DiscoTemporary Pleasure. Sometimes dumb music is great. These British dudes use minimal, banging techno tricks to make impossibly catchy floorbangers, and then pay cash money for incredibly creepy, somewhat nauseating videos. This is their second studio album and it’s got a bunch of sweet guest spots from Alexis Taylor of Hot Chip, Jamie Lidell and others.

Uncle KrackerHappy Hour. It’s been five years since we had a new album from this country-rap hybrid artist. Couldn’t he have waited five more?

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