Play Juggerdome

It’s Wednesday – referred to in the common vernacular as “Hump Day” – and if you don’t have somebody to hump, Wednesday can seem pretty sad and blue. But cheer up, chirpy – things are going to get a lot better! Why? Because at, it’s Web Game Wednesday, where I point you to a free Flash game you can use to while away the hours at work. This week’s installment is all about the carnage – click inside to get the skinny.

Juggerdome is a top-down shooter of robotic destruction that puts you fighting for your very survival in a futuristic prison. However, it’s a little easier for you than the rest of the inmates, as you’re behind the wheel of a colossal, armored robot equipped with a variety of weapons. In a very Running Man setup, you must massacre your fellow convicts to earn your freedom – and fat cash along the way. Bloody, action-packed and fun as hell, Juggerdome will eat up an afternoon’s worth of TPS reports no problem. Play it here.

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