Play Madness Accelerant


It’s Wednesday – referred to in the common vernacular as “Hump Day” – and if you don’t have somebody to hump, Wednesday can seem pretty sad and blue. But cheer up, chirpy – things are going to get a lot better! Why? Because at, it’s Web Game Wednesday, where I point you to a free Flash game you can use to while away the hours at work. This week’s installment is fast, violent, and awesome to the core.

Madness Accelerant is the latest game from Newgrounds head honcho Tom Fulp, and it shows exactly why those guys have been on top of the Flash game world for so long. The premise is simple: kill the clown. But as soon as you fire the first shot, you’ll quickly realize that this isn’t going to be as easy as it looks. With sharp graphics, tight controls and some downright hilarious moments, it’s an awesome ride. Play it here.