Brütal Legend Tees For Both Hipsters And Gamers On The Way

It’s funny how heavy metal has become the new thing for hipsters to use as cred fodder. I guess it mostly began with Metalocalypse, a legit awesome show. though it’s just a shame (or perhaps just as well) that 80% of the references go over everyone’s heads. Anyhow, fast forward to very soon; we don’t know when, but there’s a pair of shirts coming down the pipeline that’s courtesy of Double Fine, creators of the heavy metal epic in video game form Brütal Legend, in collaboration with the up and coming hipster clothing sweatshop known as Mishka NYC.

Details are sparse at the moment, though for the time being, folks can pass along their emails to enter a chance to get a copy of the game. But I’ve actually been to the store, in the heart of Williamsburg, and can tell you already that you’ll be spending $50 on each, bare minimum. Start saving now!